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Visitors @ IMS

Date of Visit Visitors Name Company Name Topic
10-03-2023 Dr. Swati Tyagi IMS UC INDIA TV VISIT RESOURCE PERSON Mr. Kapil Sharma (The Kapil Sharma Show Fame)
10-03-2023 Mr. Neelabh Pathak SIIC-IIT Kanpur Guest Lecture Topic: Biotechnology ignition grant in collabration with SIIC-IIT Kanpur for startups and MSME
03-03-2023 Ms. Gulesh Chauhan UBER, India International Women Day
03-03-2023 Ms. Viashavi Sinha Bhasin MD, Soonya Farms International Women Day
03-03-2023 Ms. Ruchi Ratna AGM, NTPC International Women Day
03-03-2023 Dr. Shashi singh CEO, Consortium of women entrepreneurs of India International Women Day
02-03-2023 Mr. Siddharth NA Workshop on Personality Grooming in Association with Mindwave Media Pvt. Ltd
27-02-2023 Mr. Dinesh Kandpal India TV Sensitization Program
24-02-2023 1. Prof. (Dr. Suhel Parvez) 2. Dr. Ganesh Bagler 3. Dr. Pritesh Bhatia 1. Jamia Hamdard 2. IIIT Delhi 3. Jubilant Biosys LimikteD GENESIS 2023
24-02-2023 Prof. Komal Kapoor IMS UC Campus, Ghaziabad MDP on Achieving Excellence in Supply Chain Management