Guest Lectures


Event Topic E-Hindi Diwas celebration
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 14th September, 2020

Summary of the event-The Journalism and Mass Communication Department organised an E-Hindi Diwas celebration for the students of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus. The students of BJMC 1st year conducted various activities by adding the importance of hindi to it. ?The Patkatha? had an imaginary story of classroom where each one told about hindi and its usage. Different fun activities and comic answers made the whole event exhilarating for the ones who joined. This new normal has made it so difficult to connect the audience with words and work, but to the surprise Journalism and Mass Communication Department is proving all the difficulties wrong and succeeding in each online event with grace and perfection while making IMS Ghaziabad the first ever college to organise such events online. Learning Outcome- Students understood the importance of hindi in normal life and at institutional level.