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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Alumni Talk
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 17th September, 2020

Summary of the Event-The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organised an interactive ?Alumni Talk? for overall holistic growth of all the students with one of their prestigious alumni Ms. Payal Chaudhary (Batch 2015-18). She is a famous plus size model who has completed her post-graduation in Media and Communication Studies from Christ University and is currently working as a PR Executive for Vitesco Technologies and Apollo hospital. With the world under the control of pandemic, students are a social category that has been hit hard by it and are adversely affected. To ease the impatient students and help them get a better understanding of the real working conditions of industry, Ms. Payal laid light on current situation. She talked about the importance of being a good, keen learner as a student, also being flexible as situation demands and explore when it comes to choosing a career. As she herself was a content creator she helped the students to get an insight of content creation in corporate side as well. Overall it was a great learning experience for all and helped the students to have a clear perspective of future ahead Learning Outcome- Students learned about work place ethics, the importance of being active at places and utilising every opportunity to best.