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Event Topic debate on 'Is Professional Journalism dying?'
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 21st September, 2020

Department of Journalism and Mass communication organized debate on 'Is Professional Journalism dying?' The courage in Journalism is sticking up for the unpopular ;not the popular. To verify its significance and discuss the same , The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a debate on the utmost uncertain topic of today's era..'Is Professional Journalism dying?' on 21 September 2020 through an Online Platform. The debate was initiated with the introduction of today's journalism and its situation by the anchor Ms.Aishwarya Samant who was later joined by the debators as per their view points and stand. The whole debate imparted an Outlook on the two fold sides of today's media industry working on field and the consequences of their following exertions which later attained its full fledged form when students got to know the real aspects, situations and do's & dont's of industry by Prof.Anurag Singh. Overall,it was a great uplifting and Enlightening experience for every spectator.