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Event Topic Buddy Mentoring Session By Rajat Kumar BCA 3rd Year
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 28th September, 2020

Buddy mentorship program!
A term which absolutely preserved its meaning in today's meeting.
When a new student joins college, he/she must have many dreams. Along with the teachers if their seniors also guide them then the journey becomes somewhat easy. Keeping this in mind , BCA department of IMSUC initiates the Buddy Mentorship Session for BCA 1st year Students in which their seniors will guide them and share their experiences in details with all of them.
The topic of today’s session was “Personality Development and Skills”. The meeting initiated with the speaker of today's session and one of the brilliant star of the BCA department, Rajat Kumar, student of BCA 3rd year, enlightening the virtual stage with a brief introduction about himself, and a tricky question which made the juniors knocked their socks off, "What exactly is personality development and skill development"? Everyone faced a hard time answering it, but the host of today's meeting gradually made it a piece of cake for everyone with a detailed pictorial representation about the term "Personality Development skills". Rajat shared his experiences with his juniors about how he changed himself from being a shy introvert person to a good speaker. He also shared the mistakes he made in his journey of BCA and how he overcome it. He motivate the students to come out of their comfort zone and try things and don’t be afraid of failures.
The meeting ended in a classical fashion where the students had a lot of queries regarding the ways which our esteemed college IMSUC provides them to hone their soft skills which Rajat answered very well and also tell them to attend the initiatives taken by college like Toastmasters, PDP classes, Public speaking classes and many more.
With this, the today's buddy mentorship program came to a fairy tale ending.