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Event Topic Buddy Mentoring Session By Rohit Yadav BCA 3 rd Year
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 29th September, 2020
Buddy Mentoring Session By Rohit Yadav BCA 3 rd Year 29 th September 2020
In continuation of the Buddy Mentorship Sessions, the presenter of today's session was Mr. Rohit Yadav, one of the brightest student of the BCA department. He took the session on " Master the Art of PC and Boost your Tech network". The Session started with a brief introduction of Rohit Yadav by Prof. Meghna Gupta, the host of the meeting, who told the students about the technical expertise of Rohit and how he had changed himself into a technocrat. The host motivated the students to learn and explore new things and never give up. Rohit started the session from a brief about himself and also followed by a quick curtain raiser question for all the first years, "What are the features of microsoft windows" to which first year students answered very well.
Rohit discussed about different features of Windows 10, a lot of users are still not aware of, some of them being are a night mode, focus assist, game mode and many more. He further discussed about different online coding campaigns where students can explore many new things. He also told students about open Source platforms to run different programs and also make them aware about Microsoft Student Partners Program as he himself is the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors and learnt a lot from this program by being in direct contact with people from Microsoft.

Today's session came to a finale by resolving the queries of our splendid first year students.