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Event Topic Network Club of IMS Ghaziabad has organized a Workshop on Cybersecurity
Category CLUB
Date & Day 30th September, 2020

Network Club of IMS Ghaziabad has organized a workshop on cybersecurity on 30th September 2020 to give all the basic information to know about networks and our cyber world threats and precautions.
The Event was Started by Ms Devanshi and Mr Rajat (President of Network Club) giving a small intro about the club and then giving the stage to all the speakers to present their topics.
Mr Ashutosh Kumar (Member of the network club) started the workshop by providing all the information regarding how to be secure by the cyber threats around us and take preventive measures.
Then the event stages were transferred to Mr Harsh Dua and Mr Vasu, where they introduced the different kinds of networks with their advantages, disadvantages, security factors and different ranges at which they work.
Moving on to Mr Hitesh and Mr Devansh, where they give an introduction to the term topology which was very well explained by the presenters and its different types in detail.
Carried on with Types of Viruses and Hackers by Ms Meetali and Mr Gautam, they told about all the different viruses and how to handle with them following that with types of hackers we have in this world and why ethical hacking is the right choice.
Finally, Mr.Harsh Kumar, gave a basic introduction to Steganography, to know Why we need security, possible ways, limitations, types and a small demonstration at the very end.
At the end vote of thanks was presented by Ms Kavya thanking all the participants to stay along in this wonderful session and club coordinator Mr Ashutosh Sharma thanking all the club members and participants and sharing some valuable information with all the participants in the event.
We are thankful to Network Club for organising such a wonderful workshop and enlightening us about the cyber world. We hope for more fun workshops like this shortly.