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Event Topic Workshop By Mr. Tejaswi Priyadarshi
Category ELSC
Date & Day 3rd October, 2020

Workshop By Mr. Tejaswi Priyadarshi (Author of novel 'The Psychopath,The Cannibal, The lover’)

"Stay faithful to the stories in your head" - Paula Hawkins

Writing, either fictional or non-fictional, displays the author's imagination and original ideas. In an attempt to acquaint students with the same and in an effort to equip them with writing techniques, the Enrichment and Life Skill Cell of IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus conducted a workshop with the well-renowned author Mr.Tejaswi Priyadarshi, who's debut novel 'The Psychopath,The Cannibal, The lover' has been a constant bestseller on Amazon. Tejaswi Priyadarshi derives his inspiration from Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Takashi Mike and many others. He holds an engineering degree and also a specialization in computer science and MBA specialization in sales and marketing.

The workshop was both a glimpse of his world and the world of his bestselling works.

The workshop was to help all aspiring writers and students with an interest in the literature field to grow and learn with the best selling author.
The session was on Saturday,3rd October, 2020 on Zoom platform. The workshop was held for students of all courses and tips on creative writing were shared, which the students noted down diligently. He emphasized the importance of observing one’s surrounding closely and relating it with things that are known to one. Once the ideas have formed, it is important to indulge in free writing and record all thoughts without inhibition. It is only when all the thoughts have been put down on paper that one should move towards cohering the piece of writing by editing, altering,
Correcting the writing and, taking feedback on it. He talked about his daily habits and writing habits. He talked about his inspiration for his novels and added that to develop his imagination he watches at least one movie a day. He advised students to read and keep writing down their thoughts. The tips were beneficial to students as they could relate to his guidelines as they kept asking questions one after another. The students especially enjoyed it as the session was interactive and in the end the vote of thanks is proposed by Ms. Shenki Tyagi (Coordinator of Enrichment and life Skill cell).