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Event Topic Desktop App Club Organized a Workshop, “All About C”
Category CLUB
Date & Day 8th October, 2020

Desktop App Club Organized a Workshop, “All About C”, on 8th Oct 2020. The workshop was primarily for those student who wanted to make a fresh start with programming based future. The session was started at 2:00 PM which was held under the supervision of Prof. Surya Saxena, Faculty coordinator, Desktop App Club. The workshop was all about making students familiar about the basics of C programming.

The workshop was started by Akshita Goel, Vice president, Desktop App Club, who was also the host of the workshop. Then the stage was handed over to Sachit Sharma, President, Desktop App Club. He along with motivating the students also introduced the Core faculty Prof. Surya Saxena and insisted him to come up on the dice and say a few word. Ragini Mishra, Member, desktop App Club, has announced the rules and the stages of the workshop.
It was a successful workshop which was enamored by the students of IMS UC Ghaziabad and which have shifted the interest of various students towards Coding. It was a great leaning for everyone. Also we are thankful to all the Desktop App Club members including the executive members for making this workshop achieve success.
Learning Outcome: The workshop consisted of 3 stages. The very first stage consist of the very basics of C programming language that includes History of C, Data types of C, Operators etc. Considering the importance of Conditional statements and Loops we included them in the second stage. Finally, in the last stage was all about the implementation of the concepts (taught in first and second stage). A set of code was written that functioned as a calculator. The speaker of the workshop was Aman Ojha, Member, Desktop App Club.