Guest Lectures


Event Topic Literary Affairs
Category CLUB
Date & Day 15th October, 2020

Literature is the foundation of life. It emphasizes many topics from human tragedies to tales of the ever-popular search for love. It reflects human nature and a way we can learn and relate to others.
In these tough times, when we all are going through the pandemic, the enthusiasm and the feelings are the same. Accepting the trying times, the Literary Club of IMSUC, came up with the idea of organizing “LITERARY AFFAIRS” a quiz competition on 15th October 2020 via online platform Zoom.

The objective of this intra college club activity was, to make students aware of the literature in a fun way where they feel connected to the old school literature and get sensitized about the meanings of different words, phrases, idioms and to also get familiar with some world-famous composition of well-known authors and poets.

The main idea was to give them a platform where they enjoy ancient as well as modern literature. A huge variety of English and Hindi questions covering all the aspects were asked from the students which not only enhanced their knowledge but also made them go back down the memory lanes and recall those stories, novels, poems, grammar etc taught in school days. To our surprise, our participants were not only quick in answering the lessons learned in school but were also, quite well versed with the latest novels and current affairs of the Literature world.
The quiz had 3 Rounds with the motive to test the literature and vocabulary acumen of the participants where they were supposed to give the answers in the stipulated time. Round 1 comprised of Multiple choice questions (MCQ) where students were divided into groups of 5 each and they had to give the answers within 5 seconds. Afte The selected participants went to Round 2, where they were divided into a group of 3 and had to answer the questions. Based on the marks of round 1 and 2, the top 8 students were taken to Round 3. After this round, the highest scorers were declared the position holders. But here III position was shared by two Fresh faces of IMSUC i.e. I year BBA students.

All the participants were very enthusiastic and their knowledge about literature and zeal to give answers was commendable. They all were very quick with their responses. The audience was as active as the participants and was keenly giving the answers to skipped questions. The activity ended on a happy note after the declaration of results by the clubhead CA Anu Tyagi and all the participants and winners were applauded.
It was well managed by the President Khushi Bhasin, Vice President Shubham Sharma and Secretary Sanket Kumar under the guidance of clubhead CA Anu Tyagi. The anchor of the activity Shivi Singh was clearly a master at engaging the audience. The E-Certificates were shared via a congratulations E-mail. It was amazing to see that so many students participated in this competition and put forward their best.

Faculty Co-ordinator:
CA Anu Tyagi
Co-ordinator’s for the activity:
Khushi Bhasin, Shubham Sharma, Sanket Kumar, Shivi Singh
Result of the Club Activity:
I position- Aeshanya Mehta (BJMC II Year)
II position- Amber Shrivastava (BBA II Year)
III position- Manas Agarwal and Vanshika Sharma (BBA I Year)