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Event Topic Workshop on Python- The Dynamite
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 28th October, 2020

Workshop on Python- The Dynamite

BCA Department organized an inter school and college workshop on Python on 28th October 2020. The workshop was aimed towards the students of class XI and XII, and 1st year Computer Science students. The workshop was taken by the students of BCA Department, namely Rohit Yadav, Vatsal Srivastava, Nimesh Kumar Nadar, Balram Thakur from the BCA 2018 batch, and Gautam Tarika from the BCA 2019 batch. The workshop was conducted under the guidance of the HOD of BCA Department, Dr. Gagan Varshney. The workshop began with an introduction into Python, the value proposition and language features of Python along with some program demos by Rohit Yadav. The workshop was carried forward by the teammates, where each one of them conducted their topics: Language basics by Vatsal Srivastava, Data Visualization basics by Nimesh Kumar Nadar, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and ML Algorithms by Gautam Tarika, and finally some demonstrations of Automation and Web development by Balram Thakur. Gagan sir talked about the value of learning Python and motivated the students towards learning the same. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks and a short quiz was conducted to test the understanding of the students. Students had their key takeaways and gave positive feedback for the workshop. The team also got to learn new soft skills while presenting their subject matter.
Learning Outcome:
1. Students got an insight into the Python programming.
2. Students saw hands on demo of Python programs and its applications like Data Visualization, Automation and Web development using Flask framework.
3. Students got insight into different use cases and applications of Python, and the value of learning Python in their career ahead.