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Event Topic People connect 2020 (Reboot,Redesign,Rethink)
Category Student Fest
Date & Day 30th October, 2020

People connect 2020 (Reboot,Redesign,Rethink)

IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organised PEOPLE CONNECT 2020- A two day Inter Institutional “MEGA EVENT” on October 30-31,2020 wherein the students are engaged in various fun yet brainstorming activities. It is in times of crisis that the true potential of a leader is challenged and tested. As the whole world faces a massive upheaval, corporate leaders are witnessing significant evolution in their roles and responsibilities. With the entire workforce working remotely, the role of HR leaders is more pivotal than ever before to show incredible agility in enabling new work culture, maintaining morale and keeping the needle moving. With these dynamic new normals in focus, the People connect has witnessed the leaders delivering their valuable content on leadership, innovation, creative thinking and digitalization.Panel Discussion:
The event on October 30,2020 began with a welcome address by Dr.Sapna Rakesh Director, IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus).She also moderated the Panel discussion on the theme-Building Skills in Digital World: Need of an hour. The platform addressed the key challenges faced by HR leaders and the solutions to the same, via technology, strategy and leadership.

The first Panelist, Mr. Nikhil Mathur Head OD and L&D Dalmia (Bros.)Private Limited (Dalmia Group) highlighted on the shifts in skills from communication to digital in present times. In this rapidly changing world of new opportunities, it is up to the HR department to make sure the company has the employees with right skills. Digital transformation in Human Resources translates into a process of optimisation that entails changing operational HR processes to become automated, data-driven and technologically sophisticated.He demonstrated ADKAR( Where A -Awareness, D-Desire,K-Knowledge, A- Ability & R-Reinforcement) are the keys to success.

The Second Panelists, Ms. Nupur Jain Karthik Talent Acquisition Leader S&P Global highlighted on AI & Automation and the learnings from her Life’s journey.She emphasized upon Talent acquisition, recruitment, high volume, driving strategy, diversity, team management, internal mobility, process improvement, online assessments and workflows, stakeholder management, communication skills and digitalisation importance in new normal.

The third Panelist Ms. Sangeetha Ramesh Global Head of People Planning, UAE Exchange emphasises upon the creative thinking, interpersonal and technical skills to survive in digital era.She further added that the impact digital transformation has had and on Human Resources, it must be said there has been a tectonic shift in the function HR carries out
within the company. HR teams are facing now a dual challenge of transforming their own
modus operandi while transforming the workplace and workforce in general. Or in other words, instead of a mere supporting role, HR department has to be the visionary inside the company to lead a wider digital transformation agenda.Technologically savvy HR leaders who keep an open mind to new platforms and ways of working and enable agility through constant reinvention, will be likely to have a notable impact on business results and employee experience.

The Panelists also answered the queries of students and gave them tips on the importance of Skilling, Re-skilling and UP-Skilling in new normal.

HR LEAGUE-Quiz Contest witnessed participation of 31 Teams across India. To name a few: SIMS PUNE, Vinod Gupta School of Management – IIT Kharagpur, Hindu College, Gargi College, Sri Ram College Of Commerce, SXC KOLKATA etc. All teams competed with each other in Screening Round where in 10 Teams have made to the final rounds which comprises of Select to succeed, Dare to destined and Hustle Bustle. The objective was to test the knowledge in varied domains and providing the contestants a platform to compete. Prof. Subhro Sen Gupta helped the contestants as an expert during the quiz.

The Winners were:

First Position: Ms. Sharanya Mosalakanti, Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune & Mr.Sai Aditya Mosalakanti Sri Sathya Say Institute of Higher Learning, Prashanti Nilayam
Second Position: Ms. Devjyoti Das & Ms. Aditi Dalke, Vinod Gupta School of Management – IIT Kharagpur
Third Position: Ms. Akhila M & Mr. Soorya T Joy, SMS Cusat, Kochi

The event was coordinated by Prof. Yagbala Kapil

Another event of the day 'HALLA BOL' was tied in with investigating the psyches and the innovativeness amongst the participants for making an extremely wonderful and important video Documentary. In Halla Bol, a group of 4-5 individuals was to be formed and they were required to make a video Documentary of 7-8 minutes on the 5 topics, that were: -

1. Work Life Balance
2. Cyber-Bullying
3. Gender Sensitivity
4. Workplace Ethics
5. Social Inclusion

The HALLA BOL team has received more than 15 documentaries from PAN India and 7 documentaries were selected for the final presentation.

The Judges for the day Mr. Shivendra Singh Alumni BJMC and Dr. Kumar Saurav Associate Professor, gave us numerous experiences on the best way to make a narrative, how to introduce our musings through a documentary and furthermore the correct strategies for shaping narrative. The statement of gratitude was given Prof. Vanchan Tripathi.

Day-1 of People Connect 2020 came to end by conducting screening round of HR Music Mania and Build Your Own Perception.

Digital Poster is organised to showcase the artistic skills on virtual platform.Participants have joined across prestigious colleges like IIMs, IITs and various other institutions. More than 15 teams were provided with the different themes to prepare a poster and present them in front of Judges.
The themes were-

1. New Work of World@Home

2. Digital Empowerment

3. Unity is Strength

4. Women Leadership

5. Green HRM

Our esteemed judges were Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj (Assistant Professor )& Mr. Achal Gupta, alumnus of IMS Ghaziabad UC Campus. After insightful and intellectual discussions from our diverse participants, the event ended with a great zeal and enthusiasm and on a formal vote of thanks by Prof.Nidhi Srivastava.
Winners for the Digital Poster making were awarded with Certificates & Attractive Cash Prizes.
Position I was secured by Emil Mathew John & Rohit Rajappan from IIM Tiruchirapalli (Trichy)
II Position was won by Aishna Srivastava & Prakash Singh from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar While Minakshi Singh & Rajiv Chandravanshi from Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology secured III Position.

Build Your Own Perception
The event ‘Build Your Own Perception’ was about handling the situation given to the participants. It was organized on 31st of October, 2020 at 11:30 am. through Zoom app consisting of 2 rounds.More than 100 colleges across India participated in the event and made it a great success.
In Round1the contestants were divided into break-out rooms and they were given a case for analysis .The participants showcased their situation handling skills by solving case study and keeping their perception in front of the judges. Mr. Mohit Sharma, Assistant Manager HR at UFLEX Ltd. at Noida Plant was the external judge who graced the event by judging and evaluating the participants. On the other hand,Dr. Indrani Bhattacharjee, associate professor at IMSUC Ghaziabad as an internal judge who gave her insights to all the contestants. The Master of the ceremony were Kunal Jain and Sagnik Dutta who made the event lively with their incredible anchoring. The student coordinators for the event were Shreya Goel, Anjali Yadav, Shiv Bhardwaj, Ashutosh.
The Round 2 was based on simulation exercise- LOST AT SEA- Strategize for your survival Every participant gave their best in handling the case given to them. Ashutosh and Rishika Vatsal were the vibrant anchors for the second round. The final vote of thanks was given by our faculty coordinator Prof. Vanchan Tripathi.


The event ‘HR MUSIC MANIA’ was all about to check and reveal the knowledge of the participants about the music and Bollywood. It was organized through Zoom app consisting of 4 rounds where more than 30 colleges participated. After the Screening round held on 30th Oct ‘2020, participants had marked their presence in Final round. Screening round consist of 3 Rounds “MUSICAL GRILL” (Questionnaire related to Bollywood Music, PHATA POSTER NIKLA GAANA” (participants were supposed to guess the songs) and the last round “THINK MUSICALLY”.
After screening on the finale day the participants showcased great enthusiasm Round 1 which was “SING EMOJICALLY” in which contestants were supposed to guess the songs with the help of Emoji’s in a stipulated time. All the participants and the faculty members were gone back to the memory lane of Bollywood music and enhanced the beauty of event. Anchor’s for this round were Rishabh singh & Hemlata.
Round 2 LET’S REVEAL THE CHARTBUSTER’S was all about to guess the songs from the merged lyrics and had to sing those beautiful and popular Bollywood songs. All the participants have shown great interest and tried to give their best of their knowledge. Rishabh singh & Hemlata enhanced the charm of the round with their incredible anchoring.
Round 3-“MERI AWAAZ PEHCHAANO” in which participants had to guess the exact songs after listening the instrumental music and have to sing those renowned songs. Aditi Khullar and Nitika Sharma have graced the beauty of this round by their wonderful views as an anchor’s.
Round 4-Last but not the least event had a very classic and unmatched round which was “BACK TO FILMISTAAN”. In this round all the participants had to guess the famous Bollywood Jodi’s shown to them and have to sing their eminent songs. All the participants
were very excited about the round and also created the musical environment by their melodious musical performances. The formal vote of thanks was proposed by Dr.Shilpi Sarna
The winners entailed are:
Pranati Rathore & Rishika Naskar’s Team (IMS Ghaziabad) – Winner
Shweta Bhatt & Pankaj Goel’s Team (Fore School of Management)- 1st Runner-up Utkarsh Mehrotra & Jahanvi Mehrotra (XLRI Jamshedpur)- 2nd Runner-up

Valedictory Session
The event concluded with the VALEDICTORY SESSION, where our honourable director Dr.Sapna Rakesh addressed the gathering and congratulated everyone by quoting that what matters is the participation, winning or losing is just a part of the game.
The winners of the various events are:
First Position: Ms.Sharanya Mosalakanti, Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce,Pune & Mr.Sai Aditya Mosalakanti Sri Sathya Say Institute of Higher Learning,Prashanti Nilayam
Second Position: Ms.Devjyoti Das & Ms.Aditi Dalke, Vinod Gupta School of
Management - IIT Kharagpur
Third Position:Ms. Akhila M & Mr.Soorya T Joy, SMS Cusat ,Kochi

For the HALLA BOL event, the winners are:
1st position
College Name: IMS UC
1. Nandini Dhawan
2. Divya Gupta
3. Pragya Varshney
4. Sachin Singh Rawat
2nd position
College name: ITS-The Education Group 1.Manvi sharma
2. Kartik mehta 3.Saurav kumar 4.Tanya chauhan 5.Shivangi gaur

3rd position
College name: IMS UC 1.Bhumika Melkani 2.Poorvi Sharma
3. Pooja Tyagi
4. Vanshika Sharma

The contestants who bagged the prizes for DIGITAL POSTER are:
1)Emil Mathew John 2)Rohit Rajappan
College Name- IIM Tiruchirapalli (Trichy)

1)Aishna Srivastava 2.) Prakash Singh
College Name- G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology,Pantnagar

1)Minakshi Singh 2)Rajiv Chandravanshi
College Name-Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology

Anushka Saxena (Lady Shri Ram College for Women, DU)
Alexander Joy P (CUSAT , Cochin)
Rashi Gandhi (XLRI Jamshedpur)

The winners of HR Music Mania are:
Pranati Rathore & Rishika Naskar’s Team (IMS Ghaziabad) – Winner
Shweta Bhatt & Pankaj Goel’s Team (Fore School of Management)- 1st Runner-up Utkarsh Mehrotra & Jahanvi Mehrotra (XLRI Jamshedpur)- 2nd Runner-up

Dr. Geeti Sharma, Chairperson Management Department concluded the mega-event with a formal vote of thanks to the entire team and the participants across India without whom such an event would not have been possible.
With this, the 2- day mega event, People Connect 2020: Reboot! Redesign! Rethink! came to an end.