Guest Lectures


Event Topic Buddy Teaching Session
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 25th November, 2020

Summary of the event- Amid the world crisis and pandemic of COVID 19. Teaching students in any scenario has been the key note for faculty members to keep on the legacy of learning and uninterrupted studies. Bearing this view in mind, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus has organized a series of ?Buddy Teaching? programme for students of 2ndyear in which 3rd year students would be mentoring and teaching them various topics of subjects they are dealing with, to ensure holistic growth of each individual and to provide the students with better yet comfortable learning environment. The first session took place on 25 September 2020 through an online platform by Ms. Vartika Singh on the subject of ?Media Law? where the students learned about the 1st and 2nd Press Commission along with discussion on the Press Council of India under the guidance of one of our faculty member Mr. Anurag Singh. The whole session was a gleam of wisdom for every student as they got an insight of every detail of topic in an effective and convenient way to recognize. All-inclusive it was an eminent learning session for every individual. Learning Outcome- Students instilled the attributes of topic in an easy and effective manner with a great teaching pedagogy.