Guest Lectures


Event Topic Discourse De Youth
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 2nd December, 2020

Summary of the Event: Outcome: - During this time of global pandemic where the utility of a student is threatened, various time to time activities that enrolls them plays a key role for survival of their talent and strength. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad- University Courses Campus provided a platform to the budding and aspiring journalists of future i.e. students of journalism and mass communication, to provide their outlook, vision on utmost important topics of this phase by organizing series of Panel Discussion, ?Discourse De Youth?. The program was facilitated by Chief guest ? Dali Ten-Hove ?, the Board Member Of United Nations Association of Netherland and a former trusty of UNA ? UK who very descriptively put forward his opinion on the agenda of day. The Guest Speaker was honored by the Chairperson of the Media School, Professor Girish Kumar by a E-memento. The panel of students moderated by Vimal Mishra, first year student addressed the grave concern of the gender pay gap, gender violence, securing equal access to quality education and health, provided with an equal amount of economic resources, and participation in political life. The committee also discussed the paramount importance of Women taking part in political affairs and also making sure of the safe workplace environment. Committee furthermore proceeded with the countries' claims on their gender hierarchy issues and paying heed to the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs). The committee witnessed a great debate with member states putting forward their stance on the agenda. The committee further carried on the discussion where the panelists proudly stated that ?they were the first country to have female voters in 1893?. This clearly emphasized the equality provided by the government to their female citizens and proving as an example worldwide. Further several member nations agreed on the prevailing gender pay gap issue in their country. Learning Outcome: The Panel after discussing a lot of issues came to a consensus to sort out these issues and thought of considerable solutions to the above issues where they proposed that there is a need for promoting campaigns to reduce the acceleration in women and infant mortality. The committee also recommended the UN ECOSOC to focus on formulating policies to finance more shelters for the victims of domestic violence. In brief, the committee turned out to be a fruitful committee with discussing all the possible solutions to the issues faced by women globally.