Guest Lectures


Event Topic Buddy Lecture Content Writing & Interview Skills
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 5th December, 2020

Love of learning is a part of creating best life and to possess that life for all the aspirants the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a ‘Buddy Lecture’ session for the students of 1st and 2nd year to get an insight and easy grip over the topic of significance in their field by one of their seniors from 3rd year.
The session took place on 5th December 2020 under the guidance of one of the faculty members Asst. Professor Sandhya Sharma through an online platform by Ms. Aishwarya Samant, student of BJMC 3rd year, on the topic of content writing and interview skills, wherein bearing an experience in content writing field from past few years; she enlightened the students on the core points of the topic, slight notable aspects to be considered and evolution it proposed in the industry.
The whole session was a gleam of cognition for every student as they got a glimpse over the topic in an easy and convenient way to recall. All-inclusive it was a great learning experience for all.

Learning Outcome- Students learned about the prongs of topic, stance it holds in today’s industry and importance it has in a very effective manner.