Guest Lectures


Event Topic Valentine Vibes
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 12th February, 2021

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organised Valentine Vibes on February 12,2021. The event began with a brief introduction on the importance of this day. Many people around the world celebrate Valentine?s Day by showing appreciation and affection for the people they adore. Communication is very important in this world and because of the lack of communication, people fail in establishing bond.The objective of this event is to provide seniors and juniors a platform where students can come together and share their experiences and understand the importance of communication in maintaining personal & professional relationship.It is also a time to appreciate friends in social circles and cultures.The students gave an enthralling band performance followed by a game of truth and dare. The students wholeheartedly participated and won chocolate hampers. The event ended with great zeal and enthusiasm amongst the students and on a gratitude note by Prof.Yagbala Kapil.