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Event Topic IMSUC-GMA Collaboration
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Date & Day 1st January, 1970

IMSUC-GMA Collaboration- (STUGMA-Students Ghaziabad Management Association)


About GMA:
Aiming to inspire individuals to actualize their potential, Ghaziabad Management Association, an autonomous management association was set up in 1982 as a registered society under the aegis of late Shri Sitaram Jaipuria. GMA has striven for management expertise that can synthesize Indian ethos with international management thought and practices since its inception.
About STUGMA:            
It is an organization of executive members from Educational institutes who have been given an opportunity to lead GMA, and find this as a great opportunity to harness industry presence in Ghaziabad and to make use GMA platform to improve the experience of student members.
Structure of GMA-STUGMA
IMSUC-GMA Collaboration:
On 4th September 2019, IMSUC became an Institutional member of GMA-STUGMA after signing the Collaboration with GMA and felicitated membership number GMA/182/2019. The intention behind this collaboration is to develop corporate etiquettes & traits among students by providing numerous opportunities like, Internship, Industry Exposure, Live Projects, & senior corporate executives session, which may help them in exploring themselves & to meet with future need of corporate.    
Being an institutional member of GMA-STUGMA, IMSUC organizes various events, seminars, conferences, industry exposures to enhance the managerial traits of students. 
Motto behind Collaboration & Benefits to Students
a) Industry Visits
b) Internship Opportunities
c) Placement opportunities
d) Organizing Inter-Institute Program
e) Opportunity to meet and interact with TOP Corporate Executives
f) Opportunity to participate in all GMA activities
Dr. Sapna Rakesh
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