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Event Topic Organ India Awareness Program
Category ELSC
Date & Day 5th March, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad 

Organ India Awareness Programe

An event by life skill and Enrichment Programme 



Event Name: Organ India Awareness Program 


Date : 5th March , 2021


Ms. Sunaiyana Arora Singh 

Ms. Surbhi Bajaj  


  1. Dhruv Singhwani

For: All the members of IMSUC

Event Timing: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Number of Participants-150 (approx.)

Venue: IMS Auditorium

                “The measure of life is not its duration but its donation.” -Peter Marshall

IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus in relationship with Organ India has coordinated a mindfulness drive for the "Organ Donation " on 5th of March, 2021 From 11:00 am onwards in Imsuc Auditorium. 

The visitor speaker of this meeting is Ms. Sunayana Arora Singh, CEO of Organ India and Former Journalist in different News channels. She has been encouraged twice by (NOTTO) National Organ and tissue relocate association for her responsibility towards the honorable aim. Master in essential arranging and turning out tenaciously for spreading the reason by means of media and leading mindfulness meetings PAN India. This meeting plans to make consciousness of the requirement for organ gift so that lives can be saved. The stage tended to the central issues and the significance of giving organs. Organ gift is vital on the grounds that one should realize that around 5 lakh individuals bite the dust each year in India because of lack or inaccessibility of organs. the organ gift rate in India is extremely poor around 0.3 million when contrasted for certain western nations where it is high as 36 million. 

The meeting initiated with the presentation of the IMS-Ghaziabad University Courses Campus. A short time later, Dr. Sapna Rakesh Director welcomed speaker while sharing her thoughts on Organ donation and motivated students to think on these part of Social and noble cause. 

To summarize it, organ gift is a respectable deed. Moreover, it shows the commitment of an individual even in the afterlife. Generally important, organ gift can save a lot of lives. Broad mindfulness in regards to organ gift should surely be spread among individuals. 

Turning into an organ contributor is something beyond making the best decision — it's choosing to save somebody's life.

Event Name: Organ India Awareness Program                                      Date : 5th march , 2021

Event Coordinator: Ms. Shenki Tyagi & Mr. Dhruv Sharma