Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


REPORT OF AdLib-The Extempore Competition organized By Finance Club

Event Name: AdLib-The Extempore Competition 

Date & Day: 4th May 2021

Guest: Dr. Indranee Bhattacharjee 

Designation/Organization: IMS Ghaziabad , University Courses Campus

Topic: AdLib-The Extempore Competition

Event Timing: 2.00 PM

Number of Students: 21

Venue: Online Zoom Platform


Summary of the Event:

The event was organized by members of the Finance club on 4TH May 2021 via zoom. The idea behind organizing this small fun activity was to bring out the enormous talent among students and to make them explore their skills. The anchors, started by guiding the audience with covid-19 precautions and regulation which are necessary to follow and then the rules and judgment criterion was highlighted. Different topics were given to the participants, the given topics were related to basic finance and banking terms (like mobile banking, cryptocurrency, economic development, tax, etc.) and the participants defined them very well. Participants were given a thinking time of 30 seconds and then they had to sum up their thoughts in another 1-2 minutes. The main motive of the event was to enhance the student’s confidence in promptly responding to such questions. Also audience, which comprised mainly of banking and finance specilaisation students gained knowledge and developed understanding of the general financial terms. The participants were judged on the basis of their communication skills, confidence and the knowledge.

The event was very well managed by the president of the club Arpit Kansal along with other team members under the guidance of the club heads CA Anu Tyagi and Prof. Ashish Kr. Srivastava. The Competition came to an end with the declaration of results and some motivating words were shared with the audience by Dr. Indrani Bhattacharjee and the vote of thanks was presented by CA Anu Tyagi.

Faculty co- ordinators:

CA Anu Tyagi and Prof. Ashish Kr. Srivastava

Judge for the event:

Dr. Indranee Bhattacharjee

Student Co-ordinators for the event:

Arpit Kansal, Dharna Yadav, Rishika Naskar, Nandini Dhwana, Aditi Khullar


Result :

 1st position was secured by Ujjwal Dubey (BBA, III year)

 2nd position was secured by Keshav Garg (BCA, I year)

 3rd position was secured by Yash Vatsa (BBA, I year)