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Event Topic CEO Talk
Category Others
Date & Day 27th May, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


Report on CEO Talk Session-External Environment and Preparedness for Future

Event Name: CEO Talk

Date & Day: 27th May 2021 (Thursday)

Guest: Mr Lokesh Saxena  

Designation/Organization: Managing Director, DISA India Limited

Topic: External Environment and Preparedness for Future

Event Timing: 11.00 AM

Number of Students: 300+

Venue: Online Zoom Platform


Summary of the Event:

IMS Ghaziabad University Campus, Management Department-BBA in association with GMA organised a CEO Talk session on May 27,2021. The topic of the session was ?External Environment and Preparedness for Future?. In the present turbulent times, the external environment seems to be very challenging and dynamic, preparing for future is must for a firm?s long-term success. The session began with a welcome note by Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director IMSUC .The speaker of the session, Mr.Lokesh Saxena, Managing Director DISA India Limited, a Danish MNC of Norican Group in India with more than 25 years of rich experience highlighted on the current pandemic situation of the country and showed some statistics on the Covid cases, mortality rate and vaccination drive.He also portrayed some of the graphs of GDP, PMI and Inflation rate which demonstrates the future expectations of the country. He also showed some interesting aspects of different sectors through a very creative traffic light model : ? The Green zone depicting the High demand segments like Digital Industry, Online education, E commerce, Healthcare etc. ? Yellow zone depicting the Good demands segments like ? Infrastructure, Insurance- Health covers, Financial services and many more. ? Red zone depicting the low demand segments like Automotive, Tourism and Travels, Hospitality and Retails. . He further highlighted on the possible roles of interest that are going to be the boom in future for the professionals like Sales and Marketing, Risk Analyst, IT ? networking, cyber security, Digital ? Analytics and marketing, Social media marketing. And he also mentioned some of the skills that are must for professionals to learn like digital skills, agile thinking skills, inter personal and communication skills and global operating skills. Students posted some interesting queries in the chat box and the guest beautifully answered them and also shared his life experiences with the listener. The session was ended by presenting an E memento to esteemed guest and formal vote of thanks by Dr Geeti Sharma , HOD-BBA It was indeed an interactive and a great learning session. Learning Outcomes: 1. Improvise Yourself according to the demand of the industry 2. Upcoming world is majorly going to be on online mode. 3. Digital and analytic skills are the major player to achieve success. 4. Teamwork is must for every organization. 5. Always be ready for new learnings and skills. 6. Be humble and follow some set principles.


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