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Event Topic Talk Session –A Paradigm Shift In Next Generation- HR
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Date & Day 5th June, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


REPORT on Talk Session ?A paradigm Shift in Next Generation-HR?

Event Name: Talk Session ?A Paradigm Shift In Next Generation- HR

Date & Day: 5 June 2021, Saturday

Guest: Mr Mayur Satyavrat

Head Learning and Organization Development
Adani Airports

Topic: A Paradigm Shift In Next Generation- HR

Event Timing: 11.00 AM

Number of Students: 200

Venue: Online Zoom Platform


Summary of the Event:

IMS Ghaziabad University Campus, Management Department-BBA organised a Talk session on June05, 2021 on ?A Paradigm Shift In Next Generation- HR?. To be future-ready, one must understand the true demands of business and the importance of change. There is a huge shift in organizational focus, and it has surely created a wave of transformation for every HR leader and professional. The session began with the welcome note by Dr.Shilpi Sarna, Head HR Specialization. The speaker of the session, Mr Mayur Satyavrat, Head Learning and Organization Development: Adani Airports with more than 21 years of rich experience highlighted on how HR works, HR is not just limited to Recruitment and Selection, It is much more than that.

He further highlighted how a process should work in HR. He started with System Thinking, Vision, Mission, Values, Strategies, Design, Role, Value of Role, Competency, Hiring the right person and on boarding.


He further told the trilogy to avoid distraction while working from home.  The Trilogies  were ?Time,  Task and Relation? .

Further Sir highlighted the Mantras which every HR Professionals must inculcate in themselves:

  1. HR itself is a business
  2. HR has to move from  Functional Thinking to System Thinking
  3. HR should be purpose driven
  4. HR should be a Chain Management
  5. Should be comfortable with Data & Algorithmic Thinking
  6. Should be a Behavioural Scientist

Students posted some interesting queries in the chat box and the guest beautifully answered them and also shared his life experiences on innovative HR practices that has been introduced by him in past.

The session ended by presenting an E memento to esteemed guest and formal vote of thanks by Dr Geeti Sharma , HOD-BBA

It was indeed an interactive and a great learning session.



Learning Outcomes:

  1. Improvise Yourself according to the time and need
  2. Needs to change the techniques with the going passage of time
  3. Digital and analytic skills are the major player to achieve success.
  4. Teamwork is a must for every organisation.
  5. Always be ready for new learnings and skills.


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