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Event Topic FDP on Factor Analysis at IMS, Ghaziabad
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 22nd January, 2016

FDP on Factor Analysis at IMS, Ghaziabad

The journey of learning continues…Session 3 of FDP on Factor Analysis was held on 20th January 2016. Director Dr. B.P. Pethiya encouraged the participants for the hands on training sessions. In this session the elementary steps of entering data in SPSS, going for Reliability Analysis using Chronbach’s Alpha and Introduction to factor analysis were discussed by Dr. Pooja Rastogi.

The glossary of terms related to Factor Analysis was discussed with the enthusiastic 20+ faculty participants. The Factor was run and the statistical concepts of KMO & Bartlett’s Test, Scree Plot, Eigenvalue, Factor loadings: Rotation methods, etc. were clarified to the participants. This session was completely based on practical learning related to factor analysis. The difference between EFA and CFA was also highlighted.

Faculty members were curious to know more, which is a uniqueness that the rich talented pool of Faculty at IMS, Ghaziabad possesses.