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Event Topic Hindi Poem Recitation
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 16th October, 2016

Ramayana is a Sanskrit epic, traditionally attributed to Valmiki, that concerns the banishment of Rama from his kingdom, the abduction of his wife Sita by a demon and her rescue, and Rama's eventual restoration to the throne. IMS Ghaziabad university courses campus on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti organized a Hindi poetry recitation competition on Ramayana to remember the legends Of Ramayana and to pay a tribute to Rishi Valmiki for his creation. As the whole Ramayana cannot be poured into one single poetry, the participants specifically chose the significant characters and incidents of Ramayana as the title of their respective poetries, wherein someone described the royal birth of the god?Rama?in the kingdom of?Ayodhya?(Oudh), someone described the success of lord Rama in bending?Shiva?s mighty bow at the bridegroom tournament of?Sita. Sita Haran (kidnapping of Sita by demon king Ravana)was also described by one of the participant while focusing on the dignity and purity of Maa Sita. The relation between Lord Rama and his able disciple Lord Hanuman was also expressed through one of the poetry. The whole competition was organized in the auditorium and there were total 15 participants. The performances were evaluated by Dr Indrani Bhatacharjee, Top 3 participants were awarded with trophies and certificates, whereas all other participants were given the certificate of participation . The winners were: 1st prize was grabbed by Anshuman Chaudhary of BJMC 2nd Year 2nd prize was grabbed by Shivi Rana of BBA 3rd Year 3rd prize was grabbed by Shivani Singh of BBA 3rd Year The environment was full of positive and devotional vibes which would have surely brought peace to everybody?s heart. The event ended peacefully and enthusiastically with a gratitude note by Dean, Dr. Pooja Rastogi wherein she thanked director sir , Faculty members, students, participants, staff members, and IT team for their contribution in making the event a great success while focusing on what learning can we take from Ramayana to be successful in this era.