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Event Topic Talent Acquisition – Skilling for Tomorrow
Category Others
Date & Day 30th June, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


Report on HR Talk Session- Talent Acquisition ? Skilling for Tomorrow

Event Name: HR Talk Session- Talent Acquisition ? Skilling for Tomorrow

Date & Day: June 30,2021(Wednesday)

Guest Speaker: Mr. Ashish Mahajan

Designation/Organization: Associate Director- Talent Acquisition, Mindtree (Bengaluru)

Topic: Talent Acquisition ? Skilling for Tomorrow

Event Timing: 3.00 PM

Number of Students: 100

Venue: Online Zoom Platform


Summary of the Event:

The Management Department in association with Ghaziabad Management Association has organized the HR Talk Session- Talent Acquisition ? Skilling for Tomorrow for BBA Students on June 30, 2021.


The speaker of the session was Mr. Ashish Mahajan, Associate Director- Talent Acquisition, Mindtree (Bengaluru), having more than 18 years of rich experience in hiring intellects by overcoming external market challenges to search for the best talent from the external market through portals, social networks, referencing, blogging, bulletining, networking, headhunting, and vendor sources. The session has begun with the formal introduction of the guest speaker Mr. Ashish Mahajan, Mr. Vinay Gupta, Executive Director Ghaziabad Management Association, BBA Chairperson Dr Geeti Sharma and faculty members. They have both contributed their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives on talent acquisition, its relevance, difficulties, and solutions so that students can improve their abilities and become more employable in the current scenario.


Both Mr. Mahajan discussed a number of essential factors that must be considered when acquiring the greatest personnel for a firm. Mr. Mahajan emphasized the significance of communication, relationship development, empathy, reflection, and, most importantly, the use of advanced technology and social networking sites in the hiring and retention of employees. he also shared examples and described the types of obstacles he faced, during his personal work experience at Bajaj Capital and Mindtree, and how he overcame those issues.


It was an interactive session where students raised their quarries and both Mr. Mahajan and Mr. Gupta handled all the queries with the best of their knowledge and experience.  The session was ended with great zeal and enthusiasm amongst the students and on a gratitude note by Mr. Mahajan to the Management Department and a vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Anchal Luthra.



Learning Outcomes:

  1. Talent Management and its component.
  2. Role of communication for successful talent acquisition.
  3. Importance of Human relation approach to hire as well as to retain the best talent.
  4. Significance of Introspection in developing strategies.
  5. Importance of competency mapping while hiring new talent.
  6. Use of technological tools as well as social media platforms for acquiring talent
  7. Role of strategic talent planning and its importance.


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