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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Sensitization Programme for BBA Second Year Students
Date & Day 13th October, 2021







Event Name:

Sensitization Programme for BBA Second Year Students

Date & Day: October 13, 2021, (Wednesday)

Guests of Honor


Mr. Harshdeep Singh Madan ?National Manager, Digital Sales, India & Middle East.,

Mr. Navneet Kumar ?Brand Activations, Dabur India Ltd.,

 Mr. Anurag Ranjan -Fintech & Block chain,

Mr. Rajindra K Chitoria- Data Analyst,

Mr. Gaurav Punn ?HR Expert,

Mr. Abhishek Varshney ?Finance Expert and

 Mr. Vijesh Jian ?IB Exert.

Faculty Coordinators:


  1. Dr. Geeti Sharma
  2. Prof. Yagbala Kapil

 For BBA 2nd  Year (2020-23)Batch

Event Timing: 11:00 AM- 4:00PM

Number of Participants: 350

Venue: IMS UC Ghaziabad



Summary of the Event:


The School of Management, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized Sensitization Program on October 13, 2021, for BBA 2 Year students of batch 2020-2023.The objective of this programme was to bridge the gap between students? aspirations, and corporates expectations. Moreover, the programme was organised to provide insights to the students about various specializations being offered in the institute in the areas of Banking & Finance, Retail & Marketing, Data Science, International Business, Fintech & Blockchain, Human Resource Management, and Digital Marketing.

The program was inaugurated by offering floraltribute to Goddess Saraswati after this Dr. Geeti Sharma Chairperson ? BBA welcomed the eminent guests and addressed the gathering. The Guest of the honor was Mr. Harshdeep Singh Madan ?National Manager, Digital Sales, India & Middle East, Mr. Navneet Kumar ?Brand Activations, Dabur India Ltd., Mr. Anurag Ranjan -Fintech & Blockchain, Mr. Rajindra K Chitoria- Data Analyst, Mr. Gaurav Punn ?HR Expert, Mr. Abhishek Varshney ?Finance Expert and Mr. Vijesh Jian ?IB Exert highlighted the recent trends, scope, and global outlook of each specialization and have helped future managers to make the right career choice. The domain heads from academia have discussed the Choice based credit system, Module details, and the eligibility for Diploma Certification on successful completion of each module.

The guest of honor Mr. Vinesh Jain ( International Business expert), said that in the next 10 years the International Business will be a great career option in India. Undergraduate courses will provide promising career options. He also briefed about the Sucess mantra which were: 

  1. One skill that can?t be taught in the class is implicit.
  2. Identify yourselves and work on yourself.

Thereafter Mr. Anurag Ranjan ( Fintech & Blockchain expert ),  briefed about the blockchain, which is the string of the cryptocurrency, it is also known as Digital currency. He also briefed about NFT which stands for Non Fungible token, which means that digital assets created on the digital space can?t be duplicated.

Post that Mr. Hardarshdeep Singh Madan ( Digital marketing expert ),  informed the student about Digital Marketing in the present scenario. He told that Marketing is truly digital where we all are getting connected. In marketing, the most important thing is that how we can sell the product to our target customers and how to make them aware of the product and influence them to buy our product.

After this, Navneet Kumar ( Retail & Marketing expert ), shared his own life experience by telling the students how he shifted his interest from engineering to management. He started his career in sales and ended up with trade marketing. He focused on two things i.e., ATL(Above the line), BTL( Below the line). He said that there are lots of options after MBA in marketing for students to flourish in their careers.

Later on, Mr. Abhishek Varshney (Finance expert)  briefed about the current economic scenario. He said that our economy is growing to 2.5 billion and there are lots of opportunities in the banking sector. There are 3 choices for the students which are :

  1. MBA
  2. Start your startups.
  3. Go for a specialization.

He also added that finance has a huge opportunity for the equity market. He shared his personal experience by saying that money is the most important in every human?s life. Today bank is the complete solution to everyone and students should opt for it as it has lots of opportunities waiting for them.

Now, Mr. Rajjinder K Chitoria ( Data Science specialist ),  explained the importance of data science to all the students. He said that students should specialize in this program because data is required in every field of business, in his presentation he has shown the hiring trend of the companies and also said that changes are inevitable as well as constant. He talked about three  problems of choosing the right career are:

  1. Lack of guidance.
  2. Peer and parents pressure.
  3. Salary-driven decision.

He used the example of BYJU, that how they increased their sales in the market.


Lastly, Mr. Gaurav Punn ( HR expert ), he briefed about the scope, opportunities, and six trends of HR.


This Session ended by giving the vote of thanks to all the guests by Ms. Yagbala Kapil, Coordinator BBA 2 Year.


The second session of Specialisation Sensitization Program was started from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm and all the specialization heads have briefed the students about their specialization. They also focused on the fact that they will give ample time to the students to think and then choose their specialization wisely. They all would provide enough opportunities to the students in their respective domains. It all ended on a good note and the event was a great success.






Learning Outcome: Students also gain insights on various promising career options post-BBA.They were also given various Success Mantras, they also got knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Students were informed about Digital Marketing as a  promising career option.




Ms. Akansha Tyagi