Guest Lectures


Event Topic Panel Discussion: Insights in the area of Finance by Industry Experts
Category Others
Date & Day 24th November, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


Event Name-Panel Discussion: Insights in the area of Finance by Industry Experts

Date and Day: 24/11/2021 - Wednesday

Guest Name: CA Anagh Gupta and Mr. Chandresh Gupta

Designation: Member ICAI & Freelance Trainer respectively

Topic: Panel Discussion

Schedule Timing: 2 pm onwards

Number of Students: Around 150

Venue: IMSUC, Ghaziabad- Auditorium









School of Management (BBA) of IMSUC, Ghaziabad organized a Panel Discussion for the Banking and Finance Specialisation students. In this session, some of the interested students of BBA I year were also allowed on the basis of registration. The broad themes of discussion were: 1. Basics of Derivation and Capital Market by Mr. Chandresh Gupta. 2. Scope in Internal audits and Financial associates in BIG 4 by CA Anagh Gupta.



The session began with warm welcome from the anchors and the motivational words of HOD (BBA) of School of management Dr. Geeti Sharma. She also offered the token of gratitute -the memento and the sapling to the guests.The discussion was very well moderated by the Area head-Banking & Finance specialisation  CA Akansha Arora and she initiated the discussion by putting up the questions from the guests. The discussion enriched the knowledge of students by discussing various topics. Some of the students were inquisitive about the career prospects regarding being a Financial Analyst, some wanted to know about Corporate Financing and Investment Bankers, and the list was long.

Respected guests covered the topics like role of (NCLT) National Company Law Tribunal, Risk Management and how it is done, Role of CFO?s, IPO of Company, Role of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis in case of share market investment, Short sell and put, trading of futures and options etc.

There  were various questions put up by our enthusistic and inquisitive bunch of students but some of the very interesting queries raised by the students include:


Why Companies become insolvent when they have risk managers ?


  • Unfair practice in company
  • Every decision is not perfect
  • Not change in policies of a company
  • Not taking NCLT tools, and tell many more things and gave examples of companies.


Our guests engaged the students in a brilliant way by using practical case studies regarding hedging, risk management and how the decision making was done in various cases. Students enjoyed the session a lot with all the valuable input and suggestions offered by the guests and the moderator of the session.

At the end the session ended on a positive note with vote of thanks delivered  by Assistant Professor CA Anu Tyagi.