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Event Topic Panel Discussion
Category Others
Date & Day 29th November, 2021

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)


REPORT OF Panel Discussion

Event Name: Panel Discussion

Date & Day: 29th November 2021

Guest Speaker: NA

Designation/Organization: IMS Ghaziabad , University Courses Campus

Topic: Panel Discussion

Event Timing: 2.00 PM Onwards

Number of participants: 55

Venue: Mini Auditorium


Summary of the Event:

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Ghaziabad UC Campus organized a panel discussion for its students of 1st and 2nd year on November 29th 2021.The event was conducted to polish the students speaking skills and the panel discussion was held on the topics such as AI, Media & it's future prospects, Human cloning should be legalized? , Is parental supervision the same as parental control? ,  Has work-life balance changed with the advent of technology?

The discussion was started with the first panel discussion on artificial intelligence media and its future prospects taking the attention towards artificial intelligence leading to unemployability increasing the crisis of human labour and the biggest question was will the nation be in more of a developing state or will it degrade?  When the second panel that came, discussed about human cloning legalization and third panel discussed on the same.  Human cloning being more practiced recently well the question that was put across was, will it actually benefit the human race or will it just vanish the sense of moral responsibility in humans? . The last panel was discussed the topic ?Is parental supervision same as Parental Control? some argued it is necessary that supervision should be in proper balance with control and where some argued that based on ethics and the teachings of the parents the correct supervision is only that is needed. Students actively participated in the discussion and learnt many things from presentation to communication and communication to content delivery with facts and figures.

Learning Outcome: with all this heated and knowledgeable discussion the students learned the sense of moral responsibility and the silver lining between the right and the wrong.

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Students are participating in Panel Discussion and putting their points