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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Gear Linking
Category Club
Date & Day 18th April, 2022

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad

(University Courses Campus)



Event Name:  Gear Linking

Date & Day: 18th &19th April 2022

Guest Speaker: Mr. Jitender Lal

                            Mr. Rinku Sharma


Topic: Gear Linking

Event Timing: 2 PM

Number of Students: 45

Venue: IMS Ghaziabad, University courses campus lab (3)


Summary of the Event 

The Network Club of IMS University Courses Campus had organized an insightful workshop on 18th &19th of April 2022 on the engaging topic of Gear Linking in the institute

The crowd was welcomed by the cheerful attitude and warm words Ms.Aastha and was then ushered to the basic introduction of the club and the Resource Persons. The Event was started with the words of wisdom by the HOD sir Dr. Gagan Varshney. 

Moving further the club had the most knowledgeable Resource Persons Mr.Jitender Lal and Mr.Rinku Sharma who organized this entire event to come upon the stage and share with us all the basic knowledge and know-how of Gear Linking and told us the importance of it in the contemporary world. The presence of Faculty Coordinator Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, President Mr.Harsh Dua, Vice Mr.Hitesh Singh, Secretary Mr. Devansh and the club members ensured the success of the Event.

On the First day of the Event, the informative session discussing about what Gear Linking is all about and how to use linkage softwares, and what is the basic process to make Network Cables , were taught by the Resource Persons. They also demonstrated the procedure of making the Network Cables and the students were also shown various instruments like RJ-45, cable tester and much more while doing so.

On the Second day of the Event, students took part in the process of creating Network cables by their own and they learnt them practically and they were successful in doing so. The Resource persons and the club helped the students for the same.

The students were really excited and happily coordinated with the members and were participating enthusiastically with high spirits. To wrap up the entire session we had Ms. Aastha to take over the podium again as the anchor to share her deep gratitude and a genuine vote of thanks followed up by our club coordinator Mr. Ashutosh Sharma thanking all the club members for their hard work in making this workshop a success and to all the participants for staying along so patiently. We ended this event with some genius and highly useful insights by our teacher coordinator. 


Learning Outcome:

  • Students were able to understand the basics of Gear Linking and the latest trends and live examples related to this field.
  • Students have a better understanding of making the networking cables by their own.




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