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Event Topic Startup Conclave 2022
Category e-cell
Date & Day 8th April, 2022

Report Startup Conclave 2022



April 8, 2022


09:00 AM to 06:00 PM


IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus)


Inaugural Session

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start”


Chief Guest:                

  • Dr Poonam Sinha (Director (Entrepreneurship Education), Head Regional Centre, Dehradun, NIESBUD)                                                                                      
  • MrAnjan Thakur (Director – Alliance & Channels, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd)


Guests of Honour:

  • Mr Khalid Isar (Founder & CEO, ITech Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd., Global Business Partner
  • MrArun Kumar Aggarwal (Director, Vimal Organics, Ghaziabad)


Management Members:

  • CA (Dr) Rakesh Chharia (General Secretary, IMS Ghaziabad, Group of Institution)
  • Prof (Dr) Ajay Kumar (Director – IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus)


Sponsored by:

  • Micrometric Grinding Ltd.
  • Ghaziabad Precisions Product
  • Shriram Pistons &Rings Ltd.


The E-Cell of IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) in association with GMA organized Start-Up Conclave 2022. The theme of this year was “Sustainable Development with Social Inclusion - Journey towards Atmanirbhar Bharat”. The event started with flower offerings to Maa Sarasvati, followed by the introduction of the 3rd edition of the Start-Up conclave and the guests of the day. Prof (Dr) Ajay Kumar (Director, IMSUC Campus) facilitated the guests of the day, Ms Poonam Sinha, MrAnjan Thakur, Mr Khalid Isar, and MrArun Kumar Aggrawal. The entire scope of the program encompassed ENventure - Business Plan Competition, Start Up Expo and Enigma.


In his welcome speech, Dr Ajay Kumar talked about Entrepreneurship and how Start-Ups were impacted during the Covid phase. He also mentioned Industrial Initiatives like AzeemPrem Ji, DilipSagar, and RaveendranByju and a sense of pride as they represent India in the Global Economy. Further, he also discussed the ecosystem provided by the Indian Government and how Economic Empowerment is necessary. He ended his speech wishing luck to the participating teams and all the youth minds.


The Chief Guest of the day Ms Poonam Sinha shared her views on speaking about Employment and its types and further talked about Entrepreneurship. She quoted “That not only education but entrepreneurship skill is also important”. In her deliberation, she wished luck to all the participants and congratulated the organizers and team for organizing such a wonderful event.


After that Mr. Arun Kumar Aggrawal, the Guest of Honour, presented his views by discussing how were the start-ups in the old days by sharing his journey to be a successful entrepreneur. He also talked about how a Start-up can only be called a Start-up if you succeed in it, and the main things to keep in mind as the idea for the start-up should be team, funding, and business plan.


The event was further preceded by the other Guest of Honour, Mr Khalid Izar who enlightened the gathering with his thoughts and experience. He cited IDE and SME types of Startups, how innovation and invention are interrelated, and also included myths about entrepreneurship. He ended by quoting about How you should work hard to fulfill your dreams or you have to work even harder to fill someone’s else dream.


In continuation with the program, the Chief Guest MrAnjan Thakur was called upon the stage to share his thoughts. He presented a presentation to share his thoughts with the audience on the topics like Sustainable Business and its prerequisites, do’s and don’ts for start-ups, the role of technology in start-ups, the challenge of funding, and oracle for start-ups


As the Inaugural ceremony was at the end guests were presented a Souvenir from E-Cell.

In the end, Dr. Indrani Bhattacharjee presented the official vote of thanks.  The guest then moved to the atrium for the inaugural ceremony of the Start-Up Expo.

  Registration Desk

While the inaugural session was going on in the auditorium a dedicated team of students was

taking care of the registrations for, Startup Expo, En-Venture, and Enigma Competition. Start-Up Conclave 2022 the most intellectual event on the premises of the Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad University Courses Campus welcomed more than 300 interested delegates from different areas who participated and enriched their knowledge regarding the entrepreneurial skillset and learned many things within the same. They all were welcomed with a Start-Up Conclave kit specially designed for the event.

       Start-up Expo

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen”


The E-Cell, IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized “Start-Up Conclave: Sustainable Development with Social Inclusion - Journey towards Atmanirbhar Bharat” open for all to participate. After the end of the Inaugural Ceremony, Start-Up Expo was inaugurated by our esteemed guest and then the guest started visiting the various interesting Start-up ideas brought by different individuals. The objective of the Expo was to provide a platform for the budding entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas through their respective business plans. The various Presenters were as follows -


1 - Shreya Gardening: They had a motive to make imported plants available at cheap rates for Indians and also experts in landscape projects, they also take small house plantations and green decoration projects which big companies don’t which gives them an upper hand in the market.

2 - Podzy: They have a simple goal of getting all of us rid of the useless ads and recommendations trap that we all fall into while surfing the internet, they created an app that will solely work on your topics of choice rather than providing you with useless ads and trash.

3 - Alpha Planters: They came up with interesting plant pot designs that can help you save many liters of water as they promise that their pots and trench can help a plant gain its full and healthy growth by just watering it twice a week. They came up with the motive that saves water today or there will be no water left to save in the near future.

4 - Inokart: Their idea was to make a daily household item like the kettle, cloth iron, water dispenser, etc company, portable so that people can easily fit waterever they need in their travel bag. Inokart has its products currently listed on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

5 - SpecsStudio: They had a goal to make spectacles affordable to everyone even the daily wage workers by providing a full finished spectacle for just 300 INR. They also deal in imported and branded frames and lenses.

6 - Pioneer Centre of Biosciences: A center for education, training, and research, trusted experts in Testing Services like adulterants, pathogens, pesticide residue, herbal analysis, etc, Training Programs, Research Programs like research data analysis, research facilities, proteomics analysis, etc, Genomics Services, Proteomics Analysis, and Analytical Services. Situated in Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

7 - Yagyasayz: Consultation forum service which provides career consultation and training in various courses like career-o-paedia, image consultation, internships, live projects, etc. They also provide placements if you are interested.

8 - Sar Digital India - They provide Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, support, and maintenance of the audiovisual systems and broadcast solutions, came up with interesting sensor and camera setup capable of making screen touch, voice detection, and tracking camera.

9 - Metrosity: Provides training programs in various courses for all ages from 17 to 70 and even gets you placed.


All the exhibitors presented their ideas to the judges with great zeal. The judges visited various stalls and inspected the ideas. The judgment was based upon the presentation, commercial feasibility, and long-term vision. The best part was that students from our institute also presented fabulous ideas and were praised by the judges.

ENventure – A Business Plan Competition

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”


IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) hosted a business plan competition (ENventure) sponsored by Ghaziabad Management Association (GMA) with more than 28 teams from various colleges in the Delhi NCR region who imparted their unique ideas and business concepts. The competition occurred contemporaneously at three different venues: Auditorium, IQAC Room, and Mini Audi of IMSUC. The goal of holding this business plan competition was to initiate a friendly rivalry amongst the competitors, to help them clarify their approach, investigate possible bottlenecks, determine their needed resources, and assess the feasibility of their concept or expansion plans before they commence their startups. We had a seasoned jury of peers evaluate the contestants on a set of factors.





Mr. S.M. Mittal (Entrepreneur and Director SukritiVidhyutUdyogPvt Ltd.)

Mr. Rakesh Guran (C-Suite executive and Start-up Mentor)



Mr. Prakhar Gupta (Founder Winlegally)

Mr. Rakesh Agarwal (GM, Exports Marketing, Ghaziabad precision Products Pvt. Ltd.)


Mini Audi

Mr. Nitin Dhillon (Founder-Dcomfy and Investor)

Ms. Juhi Singh (Founder and CEO Inokart)


The session began with the host, welcoming the esteemed guests and felicitating them with a sapling and memento as a token of gratitude. The participants then started giving their presentations and all the teams were assessed on a variety of criteria, including the source of their concept, innovation, ingenuity, technical feasibility, market feasibility, commercial feasibility, and social effect. The contestants benefited from our educated judges' critique and friendly input, which helped them recognize some basic flaws in their plans. Our judges brilliantly illustrated the value of a BUSINESS PLAN, since investors rely on business plans to assess a company's potential before investing in it. Among the many unique and intriguing concepts submitted by the 'to be entrepreneurs,' here are a few:


  • Chick Haiski(a rising platform with an idea to make India fashionable)
  • Bill Secure (an IT startup that uses an app to create digital payment receipts in order to reduce the use of paper and help the environment.)
  • Podzy(An IT company has developed an app that gives users useful suggestions on how to use the internet in a healthy and productive manner.)
  • Rypto(An app for trading Crypto currency, along with many other sub sections like, booking shows, UPI transactions, etc.)
  • Growing (a company that plans to establish a farm on the roofs of the buildings in urban city.)


The objective of this competition was to create a platform for aspiring young brains (entrepreneurs) to benefit from the experience and feedback of the distinguished judges in order to help them picture their ambitions more clearly and make them into reality someday.The event was a resounding success.


“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen”


Under this mega event of Startup Conclave 2022, there was a sub-event called ENIGMA- the Problem-Solution Fit Exercise that happened from 2:30 PM onwards in rooms 406 and 407 at the same time due to the overwhelming response of the college participants. In ENIGMA the competitors were given a set of problems they had to solve an hour and a half before the commencement of the event and prepare a presentation for the same in the given time after which they were to present the issue illustration and the suggested solutions they came up with through that presentation of 5 minutes. Finally, the jury would then proceed to ask any queries and test the presenters based on their originality, validation of solution, creativity, and presentation.

This engaging event began right after the lunch in the IMSUC Campus and was headed by the honorable judges Mr. Agranshu Deep, Co-founder of and Director of Dream Hub Entertainment, and Dr. (Prof) Nidhi Srivastava, Academician & Entrepreneurship Enthusiast, Professor, Narayana Business School. Both of these learned personalities were welcomed by Assistant Professor Mr. RajatTayal and Assistant Professor Ms. VanchanTripathi respectively by the offering of the customary pastoral sapling and a memento as a token of respect and gratitude. The audience was welcomed by the lovely words and warm smiles of Ms. Kanishka Tiwari and Mr. Anurag Lala, both from the BBA department here at IMSUC.

Then the event unfolded with the teams competing neck-to-neck with their informative answers and pleasing presentations. The contestants studied the issues by big Multi-National Companies, hot shots of the industry, and important events in the world of business like Google LLC, Apple, McDonald’s, PDS system in Chattisgarh, Carleton S. Fiorina, etc. They performed details case studies in the allotted time and understood the critical problems faced by them and therefore went to provide apt solutions with proper justification for the same.

Even though the event was mesmerizingly enlightening, only the best candidate would take the stakes. The winners were felicitated with certificates and trophies along with cash prizes of INR 5000, 3000, and 2000 respectively while all the contenders were presented with participation certificates for their incredible contribution to the event. To put an end to the happening of the day, the host gave the vote of thanks by congratulating all the amazing entrants and extended their gratitude to all the judges and faculties for sparing their valuable time and ensuring that the event reached its zenith. To summarize, the occasion was well planned and executed and was really fun and educational to attend with just the right amount of elements to make it a sensational sell-out.

Valedictory Session

“Imagination has a great deal to do with winning”


The valedictory session began by the host formally welcoming one and all for being present in the event. He further introduced the Chief Guest, Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar (Chairperson and CEO of EST Group) and the Guest of Honor, Dharmendra Singh (Deputy Executive Director, Shriram Pistons and Rings Ltd.). Furthermore, the host requested the dignitaries respectively to bless the audience with their few words of acuity. Both of the distinguished guests expressed their delight at seeing such a lively gathering and shared their experience with everyone. They expressed gratitude to the university for inviting them to such a great occasion and wished them luck in future events.

The event went on with a round of applause for all of the participants' honest efforts in forging new paths in the business sector. There were three prize categories to choose from:

  1. ENventure- Business Plan
  2. Startup Expo Excellence Award


Without further ado, the host began announcing the results.

The business plan competition (ENventure) was successfully hosted at three locations, with teams from various colleges and other start-ups showcasing their company ideas.

The following were the winners of ENventure- Business Plan Competition:


POSITION I- The team – Arima and Medha, Shivaji college, Delhi University received the award of Rs. 40,000/- cash prize sponsored by Micromatic Grinding Limited along with the Trophy and Certificate of merit.

POSITION II- The team – Himanshu and Gurang, Mentorsity Pvt. Ltd., received the award of Rs. 30,000/- cash prize sponsored by Ghaziabad Precision products Private Limited along with the Trophy and Certificate of merit.

POSITION III – The team – Hari Haran and SivramaKrishna, VMware, Optum, received the award of Rs. 20,000/- cash prize sponsored by Shri Ram Piston and Rings Limited along with the Trophy and Certificate of merit.


The following were the winners of ENIGMA:


POSITION I- The team – Anhat and Dhruv (Sri Guru Govind Singh College of Commerce), received the award of Rs. 4,000/- cash prize sponsored by Micromatic Grinding Limited along with the Trophy and Certificate of merit.

POSITION II- The team – Alia and Princy (BBA, first year, IMSUC), received the award of Rs. 2,000/- cash prize sponsored by Micromatic Grinding Limited along with the Trophy and Certificate of merit.

POSITION III – The team – Ayush and Suryansh (BBA first year, IMSUC), received the award of Rs. 1,000/- cash prize sponsored by Micromatic Grinding Limited along with the Trophy and Certificate of merit.


At the last but not the least the most critical award of the conclave which was Start Up Expo Excellence Award to the best stall that had exhibited their idea in the best manner was announced. It was won by:

Mr. Nitin Lalit from Alpha Advantech. He received a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- and Certificate of merit.


Prof. Komal Kapoor, Head of E-Cell (IMSUC), expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the winners and participants of the EN-VENTURE, ENIGMA, and START-UP EXO competitions, and concluded the event by wishing Start-up Conclave 2023 to be even bigger and better for the institute and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

All registered delegates received Certificates of Participation at the conclusion of the Start-up Conclave 2022.