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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Workshop
Category Club
Date & Day 5th April, 2022


DATE & DAY: 5th April,2022 Tuesday

Department: School of Computer Science

Organization: IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus

Topic:Google Colab

Event Timing: 3:00 PM

Number of Students: 40

Venue: Lab 04






Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad
(University Courses Campus)

Summary of the Event:
A Workshop introduces a new idea to the participants with the use of visuals and captivating methods. It is a great way to teach hands-on skills. Application development is an elaborate process. This workshop is not just relevant for communication purpose and business but also for daily purpose use. Web App Club of IMS Ghaziabad organized a workshop onGoogle Colaborganized by Prof.Sunil Kumar Sharma. The workshop emphasized on programming languages used for making apps which included Kotlin and Java. What is android and how an app is developed was very well explained through a presentation. The query of every participant was handled in a very professional manner by the trainer. The workshop came to an end with the students ready to use the newly learnt skills to test. Learning Outcome: • Concept of Android application. • Different platform used in Android • How to create a login Page and small application in Android.