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Event Topic Blind Artist
Category bionics
Date & Day 30th November, 2022


"You become a champion by fighting one more round." ~James J. Corbett.

To honor the students on World Student Day, Bionics Club – School of Biosciences arduously organized the activity 'Blind Artist' whose only motive was to emphasize inner talent and to boost up the confidence among the students.

The activity was held on November 23, 2021, at 2 pm in the mini auditorium, of which registration link and other required information were shared through mail beforehand.

The activity was designed for a pair of students and divided into 2 rounds and for reaching the next round, the participants must have to clear round 1.

In round 1, pair of two students sat opposite each other, one of the students was given the picture and according to the hint given, the student had to analyze and drew the creative diagram. The images presented were analytical and connected to general science. The students who won the first round went to the next round, where they had to put together the pieces of the picture into a defined scientific instrument, within the given time limit. Participants with the highest score were declared as the winner.

Active participation was seen from all the courses, the activity was full of fun, knowledge-based, their zeal and energy met throughout the activity. The activity was concluded successfully, winners were facilitated with trophies and certificates.


1st prize – Sanya Kaushik (B.Sc. MB 2020-2023)

2nd prize – Arisha Khan (B.Sc. BT 2020-2023)

3rd prize – Sachin (BBA 2020-2023)



1. Satyam Bathla (B.Sc. BT 2020-2023)

2. Arisha Khan (B.Sc. BT 2020-2023)