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Event Topic MILAN 1
Date & Day 1st December, 2022

Summary of the Event

                                 The more you praise and celebrate your life,

                                   The more there is in life to celebrate.

Marking the commencement of a new delightful journey, the students from the School of Biosciences, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a fresher’s party – MILAN 2k22 on October 18, 2022 in the campus auditorium to welcome the new batch of 2022. The event marks the official beginning of a new chapter in their lives with utmost joy and enthusiasm.

The new students were guided by their seniors for the finest preparations for the special day, strengthening their bonds and creating wonderful memories which would last forever.

Everyone was skillful on their own accord and the performances were a great feast for the audience. This was further led by the individual ramp walk of the finalists with utmost confidence and joy. The seniors also went all out to give their magnificent dance performances. The pulsating music, dazzling lights, and joyful cheers of the crowd made the atmosphere full of exhilaration and cheerfulness.

The event was held under the virtuous guidance of Dr. Surabhi Johari - Head of Department, School of Biosciences and Prof. Neha Anttal. The event finally came to a happy ending with the announcement of title winners followed by their group photograph.  The following students won the titles for their brilliant performances.

Mr. Fresher M.Sc. BT 2k22 - Mr. Kunal 

Ms. Fresher M.Sc. BT 2k22 – Ms. Tanya

Mr. Fresher B.Sc. BT 2k22 - Mr. Aditya Singh

Ms. Fresher B.Sc. BT 2k22 – Ms. Sanchi Kaushik

Mr. Fresher B.Sc. MB 2k22 – Mr. Aditya Bhatt

Ms. Fresher B.Sc. MB 2k22 - Ms. Sneha Dhiman

Mr. Talent 2k22 – Mr. Prateek Tyagi

Ms. Talent 2k22 – Ms. Aishwarya Kaushik

Ms. Dancing feet – Ms. Anshi Bhati