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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Outdoor Photography Shoot
Category TRIP
Date & Day 24th March, 2023

Report of Outdoor Photography Shoot

Event Name: Outdoor Photography Shoot

Date/Day: 24/03/2023/Friday

Guest Name: NA

Designation/Organization: NA

Topic: Nature Photography

Scheduled Timing: 9:20 am Onwards

Number of Students: 66

Venue: Lodhi Garden,Delhi

Organized By : School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Summary of the event-

Photography is an art of lights. Student can learn new techniques and style of photography through practical exposure. Keeping its mission of delivering excellence through education and providing practical exposure to BAJMC students, School of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized an Outdoor Photography Shoot for BJMC IInd year students to Lodhi Garden, Delhi on 24th March 2023 for the purpose of practical work of outdoor photo shoot  .This whole visit was meant to be fruitful as students were able to gain knowledge through the visit .They got the opportunity to have images of nature, this visit was basically based on the natural photography, where students were able to capture image of flowers,  birds, trees etc. Students Shoot during the "magic hour."  The hours at the beginning and end of the day will yield exceptional photos. The rest of the day pales in comparison.Students used supplemental lighting for the best for photography. Simple, supplemental lighting from fill-flash, reflectors, and even strobes can do wonders for their photos.Faculty told them to compose a photo using the 'rule of thirds,Avoid the "bullseye,Pick out the most important element and focus in on it also Importance of human touch ,Catch the action were also told.

Learning Outcome:

The students visited the place and learned how to take pictures in natural light with different angles and effects etc.