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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Online Workshop
Category IPR Cell
Date & Day 28th April, 2023

Report of IPR event

Event Name: Online Workshop 


Date/Day: 28/04/2023, Friday

Guest Name: Mr. P. Borkar

Designation/Organization: Dy. Controller of Patent & Design, IPO Mumbai/ Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM), Government of India, Nagpur

Topic: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

& Patents and Design filing

Scheduled Timing: 2:00 PM

Number of Participants: 607

Venue: IMSUC Auditorium & Online

Organized By: IPR Cell, IMSUC


Summary of the event- 

"IPR" stands for Intellectual Property Rights, which encompass legal rights granted to individuals or organizations for their creations or inventions. Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. 

The online IPR event typically brought together experts, professionals, and students from various fields related to intellectual property rights. The event aims to provide valuable insights, discussions, and updates on intellectual property laws, policies, and trends and filing process. During the event, participants came to know about the importance of intellectual property, recent developments, and emerging challenges in the field. The discussions covered areas like patent reform, copyright infringement in the digital age, trademark protection in global markets, or the impact of emerging technologies on intellectual property.



  •  Enhanced understanding of intellectual property rights
  •  Knowledge of intellectual property laws and policies
  •  Awareness of emerging issues and challenges
  •  Practical skills for managing intellectual property.