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Event Topic MUNC 2023
Category MUNC 2023
Date & Day 27th October, 2023

Model United Nations (MUN) serves as a platform for young minds to engage in diplomatic discourse, explore international relations and develop problem-solving skills, all while nurturing leadership and critical thinking abilities. We are thrilled to introduce you to the 6th edition of the IMS Model United Nations Conference, YuvaManthan 2023 on 27-28 Oct, 2023. This year, we present an innovative MUN experience that promises to challenge, inspire, and broaden your horizons like never before.

In this latest edition, we aim to build upon our tradition by introducing new committees that address urgent global issues. These committees include 'G20' and 'The House of Influencers,' alongside established committees like UNGA, WHO, UNSC, AIPPM and International Press.

  • The 'Group of 20' committee represents the world's most influential economies, fostering international cooperation.


  • The United Nations General Assembly, one of the UN's six principal organs, plays a crucial role in deliberating on international peace and security, admitting new members and approving the UN budget with decisions requiring a two-thirds majority.


  • WHO's main objective is to enhance health security, strengthen healthcare systems and promote research and development in health and technology.


  • The Security Council identifies threats to peace, encourages peaceful dispute resolution and suggests settlement methods.


  • AIPPM provides a platform for diverse political perspectives and personalities to make decisions on matters of national significance, mirroring our nation's political landscape.


  • In an era defined by social media, digital connectivity and the impact of voices across platforms, the 'House of Influencers' Committee reflects the current landscape of opinion formation and public discourse.


  • The International Press, consists of journalists, photographers and caricaturists, who plays a vital role in reporting and documenting the conference proceedings.


We eagerly anticipate the spirited debates, critical thinking breakthroughs and camaraderie that will define IMSMUNC YuvaManthan 2023. Let's join forces to make this conference a resounding success, showcasing the dedication, intellect and passion of our collective efforts.