We are excited to announce BIOSCOPE-2023 an Inter-Institutional Media Festival, hosted by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication is taking place on November 07, 2023.One of the biggest and auspicious events for budding journalists and media aspirants. This event will help burgeoning young minds in various fields such as Short Films, Documentary, Debate, Photography, Reels and RJ Hunt. The fest aimed to challenge, engage and entertain the school as well as college students by encouraging such events. The fest will witness one of the most prominent personalities from media. 


Event Highlights:


  • Short Films: Short films are concise cinematic works of art that tell a compelling story in a limited timeframe. These films often showcase creativity, innovation, and the ability to convey a message or emotion effectively within a brief duration. 
  • Documentary: Documentaries are non-fiction films or video presentations that aim to inform, educate, or document real events, people, or issues. 
  • Debate: Debate is an intellectual competition or discussion in which participants argue over a specific topic, often with defined rules and time constraints. It is a structured way to explore opposing viewpoints, critically analyze issues, and refine one's persuasive and public speaking skills. 
  • Photography: Photography is the art and practice of capturing images and moments using cameras and other photographic equipment. The art of photography encompasses various styles, from portraiture to landscape, each with its unique storytelling potential.
  • RJ Hunt: RJ, or Radio Jockey, Hunt is a competitive event or talent search where individuals showcase their skills in hosting, presenting, and engaging audiences on radio or other audio platforms. 
  • Reels: Reels are short video clips or segments, typically lasting 15 to 60 seconds, and they have gained immense popularity on various social media platforms. Reels are an engaging way to share quick, visually appealing content, such as dance routines, comedic skits, informative demonstrations, or snippets of daily life. 

Registration Details:

To participate in BIOSCOPE-2023 Media Festival , we kindly request all interested students to register via the Google Form linked below:




Please note that the Google Form will be open for responses until November 01 , 2023. Ensure you secure your spot at Media Festival by registering before the deadline.


Contact Information:

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team members from the SJMC:

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Mr. Anurag Singh- +91-9871258691
  • Dr. Sandhya Sharma - +91-9871258691

Students Coordinators

  • Mohak Khanelwal - +91-8871166807
  • Ashwarya Vats - +91-8130394868


Media Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience, where you can learn, network, and showcase your skills and talents. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons in the world of Media. We look forward to your active participation and making BIOSCOPE-2023 Media Festival a grand success!