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Event Topic PEAK-Prayas Ek Aur Kadam
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 16th September, 2017


PEAK-Prayas Ek Aur Kadam

IMS Ghaziabad, University Courses Campus Student have participated in PEAK 'UNGCNI -PEAK-Prayas Ek Aur Kadam'; Year 2017 on the theme of "Ruk Jana Nahin" which was held on September 16th, 2017 at The SCOPE Auditorium, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. PEAK has infused the spirit of "Yes I Can, Yes You Can, Yes We Can and Yes We Will".
Student were acquainted with the auspicious presence of Rajdeep Desai, an Indian News anchor and author, Pushpesh Pant; Prof. of JNU, Success Guru A.K.Mishra; a renowned motivational speaker , Elaine Bowman; Past President of NACE International, MadhuKishwar; Founder of Manushi- A Non-Profitable Organization, Prof. P.S.Rathore; The Best Management Guru.
Padam Shree Kapil Dev, India's best fast bowler, best all-rounder and one of the India's best Captain who will always be remembered for leading the country to the biggest thing to happen to Indian cricket team; The 1983 World Cup triumph.
Dr. Neera Pant, Associate Professor of psychology has helped the Student focus on how to - "Manage distractions, Eradicate a fixed mindset, confront your fear and failures, generate your own early awards".

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