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Event Topic Jam session on Importance of Pargat Divas-Valmiki Jayanti
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 5th October, 2017

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart. What we say is important?. for in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart id full of?with this IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized the JAM Session on the importance of Pargat Diwas.Pargat diwas or Valmiki Jayanti, is an annual Indian festival celebrated in particular by the Valmiki religious group, to commemorate the birth of the ancient Indian poet and philosopher Valmiki, who is thought to have lived around 500 BCE. The festival date is determined by the Indian Lunar calendar, and falls on the full moon (Purnima)of the mouth of Ashwin, typically in late September or early October. This festival is also considered as an important religious festival in the country. Also Maharishi Valmiki is known to be the first poet of Sanskrit Language and the author of Ramayana. IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus provided a golden opportunity to all the students of the department to express their views for a 1 minute on the Importance of the Pargat Divas. Students shared their beautiful insights about the importance of Pargat Divas. Students were sharing many things regarding Pargat divas, why it is celebrated? When it is celebrated? Why this day is considered as an auspicious festival and many more about the importance of the Pargat Divas. Many students also stated that recitations of Ramayana are held in temples of lord Ram all over India on this day. There are several temples? dedicated to Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti. Valmiki Jayanti holds religious significance as it it celebrates the contribution of Maharishi Valmiki. The celebration of Valmiki Jayanti is a tribute to a sage who conquered his limitations and encouraged the masses to fight against social injustice. He propagated the values of lord Ram and recognized him as a man of penance. The JAM session has provided the students to share their views and values about the occasion. Also there was no language barrier students can present their view in any of the language either Hindi or English. Students were showing the great enthusiasm and were very participative. The aim of the event was to give the students the opportunity to meet, exchange views and got to know about many hidden insights about the auspicious day. All the students had actively participated with full of passion and zeal and all of them tried to give their best and to deliver the best views than other students. Judgement of this session is based on the three main criteria?s such as Content Delivered Confidence Public speaking Winners of the Session were: 1st position ?Devansh Gill (BBA 1st year 2016-17) 2nd position-Deepanshu Singh (BBA 1st year 2016-2017) 3rd position-Sanchit Jain (BBA 2nd year 2015-18) Lastly Dr. Geeti Sharma proposed a vote of thanks to all the participants of the JAM session and also appreciated the efforts of each participant. Also she motivated the students and also mentioned that every individual should express their talent and improvise their skills by participating. She also felicitated the winners with certificates and trophie