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Guest Lectures


Event Topic NEXUS
Category CLUB
Date & Day 29th November, 2017



IT department of IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) always bring a new height of technology for BCA students to survive in a competitive world. With this initiative an event was organised "NEXUS" on Wednesday 29th, 2017. The event originates great enthusiasm among the participants. Students prepared their working model on different networking concept such as smart auditorium, smart city, network topologies, Internet connectivity etc.
Through this event our student got chance to learn how the world is connected with a network. We were very delighted to have our eminent guest Dr. Anu Chaudhary an IT professor at Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College(Ghaziabad). He has a great experience of 16 years in teaching and currently the chairperson of IT department of his college. He appreciates our participants and student also got to learn that how to present their self. The event was organized and coordinated by Network club and with their mentor Ashutosh Sharma (IT professor)