In the event Pulse-2018 different activities were organised.

Plethora of event planned for Day-2 was such as: Natarajan - Solo Dance Competition, the thrilling dance steps, friction and effort of each participant was worth appreciating and very much enjoyed by the audience.
Taal Se Taal Mila- Antakshari Competition was fun and music filled contest where every team is the group tried their best to match their sur and taal with each other to win the competition.
Mask-D-fact- Face Painting Competition, could witness the various fact, figure and through of colors were brushed onto the different faces of the participants proving their beautiful art of thinking.
Buzz World- Business Plan, an opportunity for the future entrepreneurs to keep forward their ideas of business. All the ideas presented were really unique, innovation and worth appreciating.
Digital Canvas- Digital Poster Making Competition where participants were asked to create a digital poster for the product of their own choice. The judgement was on the basis of creativity, caption, and punch line of the poster.
Fashionista- Fashion Show, the most awaited event of the fest which added the spark to the evening. The participants were meant to walk on the ramp representing various characters based on the themes like Bollywood, Jungle Safari, Elements of nature.