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Guest Lectures


Date & Day 23rd July, 2018



"Your Smile is your logo, your Personality is your Business Card, how you leave others feeling after an Experience with you becomes your Trademark"

In context to the above quote, Corporate Trainer Mr. Surya Bahadur, captivated the young minds and disseminated the message that despite of higher education & qualifications and good qualities, we fail to create positive impression of ourselves in the mind of other people. This doesn't affect us not only professionally but also affects our personal life and relationships. In this programme, he facilitated students in developing self-confidence, communication patterns, body signs, relationships, creative self, working with others and leadership.
On this note he initiated the session by making students put their name tags so as to identify each one of them with are unique names and groomed them on formal dressing and the usage of three beautiful concepts namely - "Please, Thank you and Sorry". The BINGO activity enabled students to know people around them and key ingredients while communicating, competing with time, achieving goals & so on. He progressed the session by sharing the Do's & Don'ts of giving an effective formal introduction and avoidance of "Gerund" words in communication patterns. The video of Carol Dweck on 'Growth of Mindsets' dispensed new dimensions for personality development. He also cited the four life quadrants entailing Intelligence Quotient, Physical Quotient, Spiritual Quotient and Emotional Intelligence Quotient. He discussed all the four components in great detail for 360-degree development of the students. The video of the greatest global legend -Indra Nooyi's video embraced the students with the message of curiosity for learning, working with heart, head & hands and helping others rise. Mr Bahadur, also shared the names of few renowned & books which will definitely fascinate the young minds to learn & grow professionally. These were a few illustrations at a glance but the overall session tapped in different methodologies to unfold various concepts entailing:

Insights to Personality Development
Interpersonal Relations
Communication in organizations
Stress Management
Group Dynamics and Team Building
Spiritual Growth & Development
Time Management

Indeed, it was an illustrious and elucidative session which enabled students in gaining clear insights improving their personalities & performances and helping them to achieve their full potential. The few mantras which students gathered from Mr. Surya impeccable experience & enlightenment session are:

Hard Work is the only key to success
Say "So what" to "What So"
Focus on Results & Relationships
To achieve 100% results, we need to give 310% efforts
Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; Working hard for something we love is called Passion
My potential is limited only by how many excuses I have So, make your excuse limit '0'!

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light"

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