IMSUC Campus Ghaziabad August 15, 2018, is marked as 72nd Independence Day "Patriotism is voluntary" by Indians. The day is to remember and salute the martyrs for the sacrifices they made to get a British free India. On this day, we hoist the tricolor to mark the independence of our nation. The day is celebrating across India with freedom in mind, faith in worthwhile. Warm wishes to all the citizens of India on this Independence Day on behalf of IMS Ghaziabad's words and pride in souls. After the hoisting of the flag by our honorable Director Ma'am, Dr. Sapna Rakesh. The students of IMS Ghaziabad gave a dazzling performance to celebrate Independence Day. All the performers put their heart to entertain all the present audience and show their talent to the fullest. So, let us all take the oath to contribute towards the development of our nation and make the sacrifices made by the great leaders (University Courses Campus) and May the Indian flag always fly high.