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Event Topic GMA Meeting
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 8th September, 2018


GMA Meeting

Agenda - Regarding innovative ideas presentation being transformed into project Or start-ups.

Meeting Attended By -
Students: Prachi Chaudhary AyushVikash Abhishek Gupta
Faculty: Mr. Kapil Mohan Garg

Purpose of the Meeting
The major point of discussion was regarding presentation of students of their innovative ideas and projects, as screened by their institutes to be capable of being transformed into projects or start-ups to be held on 6th October, 2018.

G.M.A Executives who were at the Meeting
1. Mr. Vinay Gupta, Executive Director, Ghaziabad Management Association.
2. Mr. Amit Agarwal, President, Ghaziabad Management Association.
3. Dr. R.K Singal, Vice President, Ghaziabad Management Association.

Genesis of the Meeting
1. To review minutes of the previous meeting held on 18th August, 2018.
2. Organizing a competition on Best Project/Business Plan by students on 06th October, 2018.
3. To list out area /activities where G.M.A could add value to the student members.
4. G.M.A supports as a platform for start-up by students through its members industry/industrialists as Mentors.