IMS Ghaziabad organized an event named ?Flash Mob? on 25th of October, 2018. While the entire campus was busy with its typical schedule at noon of 25th October 2018, a surprise popped up all of a sudden in the atrium of our IMS UC Campus. Team members of Espirit Culturels left the whole campus in a mode of mystery when they started their "Flash Mob" all of a sudden. Corridors were full of students as an audience, gathered together to glance at the flash mob which appeared as a flash- Sudden and startling. An extraordinary view it was to see all the members of Espirit De Cultural dancing with loads of excitement and energy that made the whole gather of the audience too delighted. By performing on several types of songs that include Punjabi, Bollywood and English too the performers were victorious at stroking the audience's heart to the core. The day is still the same enthusiastic and full of excitement in recollections of the entire IMS UC and left a great print in the hearts of everyone present there. It was a very successful Flash Mob conducted in IMS UC Campus and admired by all.