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Event Topic PIN ME UP
Category CLUB
Date & Day 30th October, 2018



Photographs say what no one can speak. So to make it a story the photography and documentary club of IMS Ghaziabad UC Campus conducted an event 'PIN ME UP'. The event was all about stories behind the capture. It was an exhibition of photographs clicked edited and submitted by the Students of IMS. Students from all courses participated in the event with enthusiasm and excitement there were a collection of 1000+ photographs making it a complication for the coordinators to judge them all. The atrium looked like a beautiful decorated exhibition hall Picking up 5 out of 1000+ photographs was very difficult. Winners awarded for best photography, best caption and best creativity. All the winners were honored by Director ma'am Dr. Sapna Rakesh. The members of photography club have done hard work to make it a successful event. It was a great learning for all the cinematographers.