Guest Lectures


Event Topic ?Patenting system in India, Filing Procedure and Commercialization?
Category E-CELL
Date & Day 12th January, 2019

Creating an Innovative mindset with broad explicit horizons has always been the aim of IMSUC, so to continue and work on the same college organized a seminar on ?Patenting system in India, Filing Procedure and Commercialization?. The seminar program commenced with the Dr. Debapriya Dutta experts she talked in detail about ?Patent System In India?. She explained the various IPR laws in India and abroad, IPR system and offices in India and narrated the whole official machinery of IPR administration in India. She elaborated as how IPR became an asset, various forms of IPR such as patents, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications, integrated circuits and trade secrets. She explained the procedures, validity, extendibility and fees structures involved in obtaining all forms of IPR. She stressed the eligibility criteria for patents, mechanism involved in obtaining Indian and foreign patents and the need for patent searches. Finally she focussed on how to win patents and its commercialization. The questions were reserved for the discussion session. Subsequently explained various components of a patent document, the methods of preparation, various kinds of forms which one has to fill and submit to the IPR office. Various stages involved in the processing of patents were explained. The legality involved in patent filing, patent opposition and litigation aspects were discussed. She explained the strategies adopted for commercialization. The session ended up with putting questions to the audience which evoked good reply and interaction from the participants. their questions or put forth their opinions. Questions related to eligibility for patenting, how to convert research work into patents, patent searches, etc were discussed. The program ended up with the proposal of vote of thanks