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Event Topic A Visit to NISCAIR & NBPGR, Pusa Campus, New Delhi
Category Industrial Visit
Date & Day 6th February, 2019


A Visit to NISCAIR & NBPGR, Pusa Campus, New Delhi

School of Biosciences at the IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized a visit to NISCAIR & NBPGR, Pusa Campus, New Delhi on 06th February 2019 for the students of M.Sc. Biotechnology II semester and B.Sc. Microbiology II year accompanied by Dr. Abha Vashistha & Prof. Anjula Chaudhary. Beyond the academics, such visits provide a practical perspective to the students; it helps to combine the theoretical knowledge with the realistic exposure.

While reaching to National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) the group was welcomed by Dr. R.S. Jayasomu, Chief Scientist & Editor, IJEB Head, Research Journals (Life Sci.), Natural Resources & Outreach, initially he explained the our schedule in the institute. Then we visited the nursery along with Dr. Sunita Garg, Emeritus Scientist NISCAIR, where students found various indigenous and rare medicinal plants, she explained the various aspects of their procurement and cultivation. We also got to know the cultivation techniques of some plants. After that we had a session with Dr. Hassan Javed Khan, Editor, Science Reporter and Head, Popular Science Division, Dr. R. S. Beniwal, Chief Scientist, Dr. R.S. Jayasomu and Dr. Sunita Garg. Dr. Jayasomu in his address talked about the inception of the NISCAIR and its way long back journey. He told that today this institution is publishing more than 50 Journals, magazines and books in various languages and shared NAAS 2019 score of NISCAIR journals. Dr. Beniwal discussed about accuracy and fairness in journalism. Now a days fake news circulating due to technological advancement is creating a bad impression for journalism. He told various examples and urged the students to be very careful about such information.

Next we visited NBPGR, we explored various labs and meet with scientific staff working on the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources. Dr. Sharma, Scientist discussed about the various aspects of NBPGR, straight from the foundation of this institute, its regional stations, mandate, objectives. The students came to know about exploration, collection, conservation, regeneration much more about the quarantine. Indeed under the aegis of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Division of Crop Science, NBPGR is doing a tremendous job for securing our plant genetic resources. The visit to the most reputed National level Institute provided the students in depth learning of various aspects of Science Journalism as well as conservation of PGR. The students and faculties of School of Biosciences shall always be grateful to the Director and the management for providing such opportunities.