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Event Topic A Visit to Advanced Level Telecom Training Center, BSNL, GHAZIABAD
Category Industrial Visit
Date & Day 16th February, 2019


A Visit to Advanced Level Telecom Training Center, BSNL, GHAZIABAD

On February 16, 2019 BCA Department of IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus, organized an industrial visit for students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year students those who are pursuing Cyber Security and Networking Specialization at Advanced Level Telecom Training Center, BSNL, GHAZIABAD. Prof. Ashutosh Sharma was the mentor and in charge for the same, and guided all the students throughout the visit.

The day started with honoring the martyrs of Pulwama Attack and National Anthem hosted by Mr. M.K. Seth (Chief General Manager). After registration all 20 students moved to Satellite Telecommunication House where they all witnessed few major Gateways of MIAS 4F1 Satellite installed by ISRO. The concerned authority told the students about all the network communication related aspects like on "What BAND they work?", "What is the radiation level?", "On what frequencies and wavelength they work?", "About the database where all the data is stored and on what platform and software it is managed?"

Moreover, students were told about INMARSET Organization which is the main entity behind the project. Students were also informed by the manufacturing of Antennas and Satellite used to control the Gateway of Satellite Telecommunication Devices which are used by all the Defense Agencies like Indian Army, Indian Navy (INMARSET-SEA), Indian Airforce (Global Express), Disaster Management Control, All the Govt. Banks and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Level Telecommunication Organizations.

After that students were taken to visit RF ROOM which is the main control room which take care of whole setup of Satellites, Gateways and Antennas and keep a strict monitoring over whole India wherever the Satellite Telecommunication is taking place. The concerned authority explained all the key points and major aspect of the process and showed the datacenter, control room, power backup zone and TWTA. Also showed the Telephone manufactured by INMARSET and operated by Defense Forces and told about the basic tariffs and key technologies working over it. At the end they concluded with a Summary and it was a Great and Successful experience of the Industrial Visit.