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Event Topic Open Mic On *MEE TOO
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 8th March, 2019

At IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus We respect the survivor of abuse because when silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they are not alone. Keeping the same in mind & With a strong sense of purpose and the intent to celebrate the survivor of abuse for their bravery and courage IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized an open mic on topic MEE TOO. The event started with an inaugural address by Dr. Sapna Rakesh (Director, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus) where she captivated the minds of everyone towards this issue. She stated- ?This event is a creative and artistic way to talk about a very dark and painful topic? she also focuses on abuse is not only physically or sexually it can be mentally too and we at IMS doesn?t support any kind of misconduct or abuse with anyone be it faculty, staff or student she further added that raising voice against any type of abuse is difficult but taking action is more difficult. she also congratulates the faculty and student committee for organizing this event. Thus, the overall message of his speech reflected on: Women safety in India Mental abuse is equivalent to physical or sexual abuse Contribution of women towards society A Friday afternoon open mic provides an opportunity for everyone to present their poetry, stories and musical performance on sexual assault and MEE too movement. The event attempts to showcase the creative talents of IMSIANS and aim to provide a platform for the energetic talents to spring forth. The event witnessed poems from the poets, stories from the storytellers and various words entangled with harmony from our singers. Every creation is unique in their way, some gave goosebumps while some made the audience emotional while some creations forced the audience to stand up and gave them applause. Sameer Hussain (student of BSC second year) didn?t intend to speak at the event initially but he wrote the poem during the event and end up expressing his views on child sexual abuse. The event ended with a speech by Dr. Geeti Sharma (chairperson- BBA) wherein she expressed her views on molestation at the workplace. She stated- ?Seeing that maybe someone they know is a survivor of sexual violence can help them realize that this could happen to them too, and understand how widespread the issue is.? She talked about how an employee can protect herself in the workplace from sexual assault. She stated that sexual assault is a gender-neutral offense, men can harass women and on the other hand women can also harass men. Her speech centralized on the fact the number of steps that you can take to reduce the risk of sexual harassment occurring in your workplace. Key points are taken from her speech entailed: Train supervisors and managers about how to deal with sexual assault Make training anecdotal and interactive Speak up and discuss more openly Take stand for yourself Don?t keep everything behind closed doors With the help of a dedicated team of faculty, staff and students the event was executed with precision bringing glory to each one associated with the program. Dr. Shilpi Sarna (assistant professor proposed) vote of thanks wherein she thanked director ma?am Dr. Sapna Rakesh for her unconditional guidance and support, faculty members, student coordinators, EWL team, Staff members and IT team for making the event successful. Mr. Ashutosh and Ms. Shivi Singh set the evening in poetic themes with their creations during the program as MOCS.