Guest Lectures


Event Topic Peer Enrichment
Category OTHERS
Date & Day 16th March, 2019

Summary of the Event: Department of Journalism & Mass Communication organised a Peer Enrichment on "?Why Pace,Pitch and Tone is important in Voice Modulation and dubbing?" on 16th March 2019 for all BJMC faculty members. HoD, Professor Khursheed Alam conducted the session and explained all the details such as how to control on the pace of speaking while communicating, how and why Pitch and Tone enhance the communication and how dubbing and voice modulation is different from each other. He explained the importance of communication and how it can positively affect our perspective and outlook towards life. The session was hugely interactive as the faculty members posed a lot of questions. Learning Outcome: Professor Khursheed Alam explained the key-points regarding voice modulation and dubbing. At the end of the session, he shared his dubbing ,voice modulation experience with the faculty members. All in all, it was a great learning experience for all. The session attended by : Prof. Girish Kumar Singh Prof. Anurag Singh Prof. Aakriti Returi Prof. Sandhya Sharma